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NameStarborne: Frontiers
Package Namecom.solidclouds.starborne.frontiers.secret.santa
PublisherSolidClouds ehf.
MOD FeaturesNo
RequiresAndroid 5.1

Starborne: Frontiers APK, from the publisher SolidClouds ehf, is a strategy MMO game that combines champion cards and building fleets of warships to protect and master the galaxy. Are you ready to go into this long war?

Introduce about Starborne: Frontiers

Free to build your battleship, join factions and rule the galaxy together


Starborne: Frontiers revolves around the story of the galaxy that is growing rapidly. All 10 main factions are bickering, arguing, and constantly fighting each other for the abundant new resources that have just been found. You are a fleet captain of the galaxy, tasked with gathering these opposing factions to destroy each one in turn, then unify forces and build the most powerful team that fully satisfies the needs of each side and become the head of the galaxy.

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At the beginning of Starborne: Frontiers, you choose to join a favorite team and then travel with its members around the universe. You build your own base, do some assigned tasks, fight against factional forces, and expand the control over the galaxy.

To do this, you first need to develop your fleet. This is when the general card element comes into play. You will recruit spaceships and skilled engineers from other factions to turn your ship into super technology with great driving skills. Next, through the victories along the way, you can turn those original items into your own. Continue to upgrade and customize devices to overcome any challenges ahead.

Among the team members, you can choose for yourself one of two separate battle directions: the first one is the Scouts who are on the front lines, specializing in scouting the situation, fighting directly with the enemy, and going deep into the enemy base areas or regions with rich resources. The second direction is Offensive, meaning defensive and destroying enemies who are trying to infiltrate your team’s base. This offensive group can also conduct bombings, capture important resources, and also take enemy ships and weapons if available.

Starborne: Frontiers is also where you are free to do everything. Experience thousands of different battleship combinations, gear, and even upgrades along the way. You can deploy and guide your fleet the way you like. Each experience, each combination brings a different battlefield and results. This is also the addictive “drug” of Starborne: Frontiers with strategic players.

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If you already have too much experience in this field of space combat, you can actively build up your army. Starting from bringing a mighty fleet of ships to participate in galactic wars, here you can call on your allies to form the ideal team to start fighting another team.

That whole process is not just fighting. You also have to consider who to join the team, recruit the most elite members, the most powerful battleships. The smarter the initial choice, the easier and faster the battle will be later.

When fighting, if a teammate shows signs of “going backward”, you can actively notice and support that person to increase their strength, you can also share the score of the whole team so that all members are upgraded in different directions, about ships, and weapons.

Above all, beyond collecting “the generals”, strategy is at the core of the gameplay of Starborne: Frontiers. You need to think carefully, focus on controlling and come up with ways to solve hundreds of different challenging situations. Sometimes the formation is not perfect, but if you have the right combination and effective maneuvering, the victory is in your favor.

Galaxy building activities

After gaining the advantage, the Cosmic Alliance will have to do many other things to stabilize and master the galaxy. You must build a base, continue to fight against new big and small forces, and expand your territory. Starborne: Frontiers is endless, bringing many fascinating experiences to players.

Graphics and sound

Starborne: Frontiers will take you through the galaxy, through the vast space. You will melt into the vast space of the universe with beautiful starscapes and even dangerous ghosts. You will also have to go into uninhabited planets, go into the most modern space stations of mankind. The journey is beautiful, memorable, and packed with messages about the vast universe.

Starborne Frontiers for Android 1440x810

The most impressive to me is still the details on each spaceship. It’s surprisingly vivid and sharp. When going into wars, everything remains the same, even though the surrounding battle is noisy and chaotic. This is something that not every fighting game can do, especially with the theme of the fantasy universe.

Download Starborne: Frontiers APK for Android

Starborne: Frontiers is indeed an MMO strategy game of freedom. Select members, recruit powerful warships, deploy effective combat tactics, and master fleet control. Do all these things, you will quickly become the boss of the galaxy. So interesting, isn’t it? 

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