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NameSpace Agency
MOD FeaturesUnlocked All
RequiresAndroid 4.0.3

Space Agency MOD APK is a rocket simulation game for iOS and Android developed by Nooleus. In the game, you will experience the process of launching rockets that have only been known through movies before.

Introduce about Space Agency

Build rockets, launch satellites, create a space station!

Have you ever wondered if you are the commander of a space station and can design and launch rockets myself? What will it feel like? Space Agency will tell you the whole process as well as the thrill of these things.

A lot of missions in the game

Your mission in the game is: build rockets, launch satellites, create a space station and explore the solar system.

In the first scene, you have the task of launching a rocket and maintaining the missile’s vital signs until it reaches its destination in space. The four stats are:

  • Attitude
  • Dynamic Pressure
  • Fuel
  • Throttle

At the bottom of the screen is a route bar so you can know if you’re close to your destination.

On the way, if one of the indicators is red, it means you need to change direction. Pay attention to the Engines when they leave the rocket. These important moments will often have problems in pressure, fuel, attitude… So, you should always pay attention to those 4 stats. The ideal situation is that all is green, and you reach your destination safely.

When you get there, move on to other operations to remove the Spacecraft from the rocket, docking it with the space station. All actions and developments in the game will be continuously performed by the player through choices on the computer, on the ground control station, and on the console of the rocket.

The last thing you need to do is bring the rocket back to Earth. You will have a new panel. Start it, operate and return to Earth. This whole process is not as simple as flying. On the way to the station or back to Earth, you may face some risks such as electromagnetic storms, comets, meteors, sudden changes in pressure. All test your courage and steadfastness. In such situations, it only takes a second to make a mistake. A single mistake like that will cost you the game. The final destination is Earth, a safe landing means you have passed a new level in the game.

The gameplay is dry but also full of excitement

The names of the rockets, the space stations, the space agency’s control places are so cool like in movies: Helen rocket, Skylab space station, Zarya module… 

Many players after playing Space Agency think that although it does not have “excellent looks” or best simulates control processes, but it is a very “rare reality” game. Since what it is simulating is a whole process that very few people know, almost only special people with special missions and roles can know that.

Space Agency is a bit boring. There are no majestic 3D scenes, no brilliant colors, and the details of assembling rockets, spacecraft, and space stations are quite monotonous. Moreover, there is also a minimalist 2D design. But it is the technical and professional characteristics that attract many people with a special passion for space science to play and experience. 

Realistic sound 

The sound used in Space Agency is very realistic. Each move of the rocket, station, or connected, detached, and launched modules… are shown clearly, in detail, and vividly. You can hear the engines touching each other at a very close distance. Sound effects, in my opinion, are also the compensation for the basic graphics of the game and have brought a lot of excitement to players.

MOD APK version of Space Agency

MOD feature

Unlocked All Levels

Download Space Agency MOD APK for Android

In short, for anyone who loves space, rockets, and space stations, or who loves high-end machine assembly games and curious about the operation of rockets, this game is exactly what you need. Download Space Agency to play here.

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