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Sort It 3D APK + MOD (Unlimited Coins, No Ads) v1.5.12

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NameSort It 3D
PublisherSupersonic Studios LTD
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Coins, No Ads
RequiresAndroid 5.0

Sort It 3D MOD APK (Unlimited Coins, No Ads) is a true entertainment game, where there is no intense competition or need to try hard. You just simply solve the puzzle and enjoy the little fun.

Introduce about Sort It 3D

Sort It 3D is a simple intellectual puzzle game of Supersonic Studio. This is a great choice for players who are looking for light entertainment. In particular, Sort It 3D is also very suitable for children in stimulating intelligence and creativity. By the puzzle with colorful balls, there seems to be nothing harmful or adversely affecting children. I believe this game will win the hearts of both adults and children.


As I mentioned above, Sort It 3D is simple and easy to understand puzzle game. Coming to each level, there are glass tubes filled with colorful balls. The player’s task is merely to move the balls from tube to tube so that balls of the same color are in one tube. The game is so simple that every challenge in the game does not require time and move.

However, the ease is only on some first levels with a small number of balls and tubes, mainly to help players get used to and master the game. The more level you play, the difficulty will increase. Things get trickier as the number of balls, the number of tubes, and the number of colors of the balloon increase. Meanwhile, in addition to the requirements of quick hands, sharp eyes, players must be able to think logically if they do not want to be confused and go crazy with colorful balls. This is how Sort It 3D makes players addicted to this seemingly simple game. Try playing, I believe it will immerse you in hours of experience.

The challenge increases

As mentioned above, Sort It 3D increases the difficulty by each level. Compared to the ease in early levels, the challenge will more complex and difficult. Remember that you can only move the balls at the top of the tube to the other tubes. However, no matter how difficult the later stages are, it’s just a test of your calm. If you keep your cool to come up with the right tactics, I believe that nothing will make it difficult for you. Do not let the colorful balls make you impulsive and impatient.

If you stuck at a complex level, you can skip it by watching ads. This is also a way for you to calm down. Or if you’re going crazy with the balls or accidentally sort them in a messy way, click the back button to go back a few moves or reset the game. Each level has more than one solution, give yourself small challenges by playing the old levels again. This is a great way to practice your creativity.

This game is simple but fun

If you are looking for joy in battles or competitions, Sort It 3D can hardly satisfy you. This game is merely a series of puzzles, completing one level you will get coins to unlock special tubes and balls. And of course, a brilliant fireworks congratulations you have conquered the level.

And of course, simple, free games will not lack ads. But it cannot stop you from coming to interesting experiences. The proof is that Sort It 3D is ranked in the top #1 category of puzzle games in the US. It is true that sometimes joy comes from the smallest things.


It’s a simple game, so Sort It 3D does not own very prominent graphics and details. With 3D image quality, the game takes you to the colorful space of the balls. In particular, the interface is designed in the image of soft ocean waves combined with melodious background music to help you not to stress when playing for many hours.

MOD APK version of Sort It 3D

MOD Features

No Ads: Every time you complete a level, you must watch an ads video for about 30 seconds. This is quite annoying. If you want to turn off ads, you can disconnect the internet, but then you can’t skip a level. The game requires you to buy a No Ads package so you don’t get bothered by the ad. Do not worry! The MOD version of APKMODY will help you solve that.

Unlimited Coins: The MOD version gives you a lot of coins to unlock balls and tubes.

Download Sort It 3D MOD APK for Android

Browsing through the reviews on Google Play, Sort It 3D is really a fascinating and addictive game if it has no ads. However, just disconnecting from the Internet while playing games is enough for you to have great relaxing times. With all of these great things in mind, there’s no reason to delay downloading this game right now!

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