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Sniper Shot 3D APK + MOD (Unlocked Weapons) v1.5.2

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NameSniper Shot 3D
PublisherMouse Games
MOD FeaturesUnlocked Weapons
RequiresAndroid 4.1

Have you ever wanted to transform into a sniper to experience the feeling of stalking, hunting, and destroying enemies from hundreds of miles away? If yes, try Sniper Shot 3D MOD APK, a well-invested game with many thrilling levels.

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Introduce about Sniper Shot 3D

Attractive First-person Sniper Game

Sniper, stealthy but it’s so excited

In the shooting genre, I find sniper shooting to be the most difficult. You have to have a good position and have the ability to observe, aim well and shoot quickly when the opportunity arises. But also because of the convergence of such high requirements, sniper games always bring an unmistakable feeling of excitement.

Sniper Shot 3D MOD by APKMODY

Talk a little bit about snipers. This is a necessary skill in the military, especially specialized troops. The snipers must hide carefully, crept in so that the enemy can’t detect them, patiently aim to shoot, and wait for the opportunity. When the moment comes, you must immediately switch from hiding to “appearing”, at the right time, in the right position, aiming properly and pulling the trigger, taking down the enemy from a great distance.

The main task of snipers is usually to support teammates, destroy enemies in large spaces, with little hiding place or the number of our side is too limited compared to the enemy side.

It is because of the whole thrilling, from the expression to the “act” process of this skill, that there are many companies that are not afraid to invest heavily in a game specializing in snipers. Recently, I have just played a game called Sniper Shot 3D and am quite satisfied. So I recommend you to play together if you have the same taste as me.

Sniper Shot 3D, a unique first-person sniper game

Sniper Shot 3D is made specifically for mobile platforms, is one of the FPS sniper games with high-quality graphics for the clearest, most vivid, and realistic images in the games of the same genre I have ever played. The highlight for Sniper Shot 3D probably lies in the special slow-motion scenes. Every time you decide to pull the trigger, the bullets fly away and shoot through the enemy’s body, you will see the game slow down so that players can watch their sophisticated bullet path and how the enemy is hit with full of blood and collapses in pain.

The sound is also amazing. You can hear the radio playing the mission announcement, when the target appears, and when the mission is completed. You can hear fast-paced, fast-paced background music that signals extreme excitement and thrills of the heart. A lot of chaotic sounds could be heard in the bustling street, bullets rang out sharp. There is no fierce battlefield, but hiding, appearing at the right time, and reaching out to pull the trigger is really an exciting experience.


When playing Sniper Shot 3D, you will be a professional sniper. There are more than 100 missions assigned to you. They are very diverse: from destroying terrorists, pursuing domestic insurgents, destroying the army of illegal infiltrators… Your job is to identify the right target through the phone picture or description from walkie-talkie instructions.

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Not only shooting, everything needs to be carefully and meticulously prepared

The enemy is sometimes more than miles away, you only have to hide carefully, aim from a distance to determine the right target. Sometimes in a group of people, there are only 1-2 objects that need to be destroyed, the rest don’t need to care, so you have to look closely at the picture or listen to the description to kill the right person. The position of shooting is also a very important part. The aiming system of each gun will be different. The higher the level, the more modern sniper weapons, the ability to support aiming is also more accurate and quick. There are a total of 15 types of weapons: from pistols, rifles, shotguns to silencers and machine guns…, each with its shape and characteristics. The guns in Sniper Shot 3D close-ups look very cool because they are so lifelike, especially when the butt of the gun bounces when the trigger is pulled.

Obviously what you are doing is not a fight on the battlefield or in a gunfight, but rather remote assassination missions. You will have a time limit, constantly encounter obstacles in terms of the density of people moving on the road, the movement speed of the target enemy. At higher levels, they can even hide behind an obstacle such as a lamppost, a taxi on the road to detect and shoot you back, or in some cases, they can move incredibly fast.


You and your sniper will roam around every corner of the city, from busy streets to luxurious street corners next to skyscrapers to find targets for each mission. The higher the level, not only the enemies are faster, stronger, and more cunning, but the contexts and situations themselves are more disadvantageous, like crowded places, many vehicles, many sounds interfering with concentration, many objects moving in opposite directions, obstructing vision.

Sniper Shot 3D for Android

Controls in Sniper Shot 3D are not complicated. It is still the operation to move left and right through the navigation button, zoom the viewfinder near and far, lock the target and then fire with touches and finger movements on the screen. But the tactics are still very difficult. Because in each mission, you will need to be flexible with different ways to handle all possibly risky situations. And always keep a cool head, a steel spirit, and an icy heart. Sniper is about timing and assertiveness. The wrong time, shaking hands when pulling the trigger, not being confident with your ability to identify will be the things that will soon make you lose when playing this game.

MOD APK version of Sniper Shot 3D

MOD feature

Unlocked Weapons

Download Sniper Shot 3D APK & MOD for Android

If you like FPS sniper games, you should download Sniper Shot 3D right away, there are quite a few interesting things, slow-motion eye-catching, rich missions, and tense situations.

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