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Smartphone Tycoon 2 APK + MOD (Unlimited Money) v3.0.7

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NameSmartphone Tycoon 2
Package Namecom.roasterygames.smartphonetycoon2
PublisherRoastery Games
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
RequiresAndroid 7.0

With the available money of Smartphone Tycoon 2 MOD APK (Unlimited Money), you can upgrade and grow your company without worrying about money.

Introduce about Smartphone Tycoon 2

Do you think that someday, your company will create a phone that will grow beyond Apple or Samsung today? It may sound unrealistic, but it’s quite possible in Smartphone Tycoon 2. This game is currently attracting large numbers of players around the world by new gameplay. In this game, you have to have effective tactics to business Smartphone that your company produces, how to develop it more than the top brands in the market.

The new topic

In the past, I used to play Game Dev Tycoon, the game similar to this game, but it focused on developing a game company instead of a smartphone company. This game will inspire you by allowing you to customize your Smartphone as you like. You can select small details to create your own smartphone model, as long as you have enough money to produce.

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Open a startup of your own

Start playing Smartphone Tycoon 2, you will have to create a company and name it. You will find many “fake” brands of famous brands, such as Applee, Samsungggg… Put a name that you feel most comfortable so that you can feel proud to see its success.

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Next, you need to hire an employee. The employee is the key factor of any company, decides the success or failure of the company. With many employees, they will work as fast and you soon have the most modern Smartphone. In my opinion, you should hire the best employees in the first to make the job more effective, because you still have to lay off bad quality employees. The game has a bug that causes employees to “strike”, refusing to work whatever you do. To resolve this situation, you need to exit the game and open it again to keep the staff working. Another case is when your company is too cramped and some employees are stuck. This case is too simple, you just expand the company office is ok.

Marketing campaign

Once you have the smartest smartphone, create an effective marketing campaign to promote your brand around the world. This will attract a large number of fans and even anti-fans, so you have to figure out how to reduce the number of anti-fans as much as possible. Selecting the time to launch the product is also a subtlety of the player. First, you should choose cheap promotional campaigns. Once your product has been successful, you can think of larger, more expensive campaigns.

Research new technologies

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Research is an important part of Smartphone Tycoon 2, if you want to compete directly with other competitors, the goal is to bring quality Smartphone users and make them feel the money they pay is deserved. However, in the beginning, this is not important, you should focus on developing smartphones more. You can participate in research on Page 2 of the game.

MOD APK version of Smartphone Tycoon 2

MOD feature

Unlimited Money: After opening the game, you have a lot of money.

Download Smartphone Tycoon 2 APK & MOD for Android

There are a lot of factors for your company to go bankrupt, such as over-production, inadequate infrastructure, cost too high… Your job is to create the right business tactics to earn as much profit and reputation as possible for the company. If you go bankrupt, it’s okay, this is just a game and you have a chance to start over.

For those who love the business, Smartphone Tycoon 2 brings a perfect business model for you to experience the life of a talented leader. Gaming is fun, but there are still some minor bugs or unreasonable things. This can be ignored.

Currently, with the fun that games bring, games are being widely shared on forums or social networks. You can refer to the business strategy or other player tips. Do you want to succeed like Steve Jobs? Get started today by downloading Smartphone Tycoon 2 on your device.

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    Thanabodi Kodchasoontorn

    You should be able to upgrade to version 3.0.2 now.

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