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NameSilly Walks
Latest Version1.2.5
Size245.88 MB
MOD Features: Yes
PlatformsAndroid 4.4, iOS 8.0
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The best thing I love about the phone games is the simplicity of it. By focusing on a limited gameplay, mobile games bring me new and more in-depth experiences. What do you think if there is an adventure game not only lovely and simple but also attractive? Silly Walks is a game released by Part Time Monkey, which focuses on the adventurous journey of foods in the kitchen.

Adventure in the kitchen? Do you think the kitchen is large enough for a journey? I’m not kidding you, really have a journey in the kitchen when joining Silly Walks. You start the game in the role of a tiny pineapple boy full of hands and feet. The position of the game is a kitchen and your task is to rescue a group of fruit prisoners. The reason they are locked up in the kitchen is that the chef wants to use them to make a smoothie, and you have to rescue them.

Mission and challenge

silly walks 1

In order to rescue your friends, you will have to take part in a long journey, with tasks ranging from easy to hard, including quests like hitting cups of water, avoid being cut by sharp knives or hammered meat, collect sugar blocks, collect gold stars. There are many levels that challenge you, and each time you pass them, you will unlock new quests with more difficult obstacles. For example, you will find a red hot pot on the way and you need to unplug it if you want to go through, or you will encounter a giant cat that will attack you at any time. More levels you play, more challenging and more dangerous monsters will begin to appear.

There will be kitchen monsters that will attack you when they are discovered and they will chase you until they kill you. You can not afford to attack them. To cut their tail, you need to trick them into traps placed in any location and get them destroyed.

But do not worry, you can unlock new characters: cakes, sausages, noodles and lots of new characters. New characters will have faster movement speed to help you avoid the dangers of this journey. To unlock these characters, you will need to have blocks of sugar, which are the currency in the game.


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The control mechanism in Silly Walks is quite simple, including 2 main moves: walking and surfing. To walk, you have to touch the screen and to flip through, you just swipe fast. Talking can be simple but it is much more complicated than what you think. You will rotate around your leg, until you hit the screen and you will switch to another leg. Take care when moving because if you fall off the table, the game ends. Highly sensitive game mechanics, which requires accuracy in each touch.


silly walks 2

Silly Walks uses a fun, bright 3D graphics platform. As the name implies, the objects in the game are made silly. Silly characters, silly puzzles, silly actions and silly races await you.


Undoubtedly, Silly Walks is one of the most lovely games I’ve ever played. Not only is it a challenging adventure, Silly Walks is a spiritual food that will entertain you every day. Even if Silly Walks will not make you remember playing like Love You To Bits, Silly Walks is still a mini game that brings you lots of fun.

Silly Walks supports both Android and iOS operating systems, which are free to download.

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  • Silly Walks for Android APK - v1.2.5
  • Silly Walks for Android APK (MOD Unlocked) - v1.2.4

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