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NameSheep Squad
Package Namenet.pixelsquad.sos.maker.worms
PublisherPixel Squad
MOD FeaturesNo
RequiresAndroid 4.4

Download Sheep Squad APK from our website and install it on your Android device. Collect your sheep and “shepherd” them on the battlefield right now!

Introduce about Sheep Squad

Sheep Squad is an action game inspired by sheep. This is the first product of the publisher Pixel Squad on the Android platform. Although recently released, the game is receiving a lot of attention from gamers. Let’s learn about the content and features of Sheep Squad in this article!

An action game with funny sheeps

Why do I say that Sheep Squad is a mixed game? Because it is inspired by many famous games like Worms, Bowmasters and Super Mario Maker. All elements such as action, trajectory shooting and turn-based will be integrated into the gameplay of Sheep Squad. It sounds pretty odd, but the development team put together and created a balance between the elements to create fun and entertainment for the players.

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More specifically, when you participate in a battle, you will play as a sheep warrior, with the goal of trying to shoot down other opponents on the battlefield. Sheep Squad ties you to two factors: timing and accuracy. If you’ve ever played Worms, you’ll find this pretty familiar. The system will grant you 15 seconds per turn. If you cannot angle and shoot, you will lose your turn and give turn to the opponent.

The interesting thing in Sheep Squad is that the character can move infinitely in flat terrain. From there, you can choose a suitable position to defend, or easier to attack your opponent.

Set up your strategy and squad

Besides single player campaign, you can participate in PvP mode in Sheep Squad to battle with other players around the world.

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In this turn-based trajectory shooting game, the strategy is the most important and essential element in helping your team win. To get that, your team must support each other on the battlefield, while also relying on the terrain on the map to create an advantage.

The maps are very diverse. You win at each level, you will play at the next level with a new map. The fuel tanks or bombs next to the other opponent are dangerous. You shot at it to create a huge explosion, causing your enemies to be swept in and lose all health. Also, the character can be thrown away when he is hit. Take advantage of this to push your opponent into that sharp pit or the pitfalls pre-installed on the battlefield.

Sheep Squad requires a network connection to play. The game will automatically select the server closest to your location to make the connection faster and more stable. Of course, you will also get to meet players in your region.

Gather and herd your sheep

The Sheep Squad has a large flock of sheep. You can check the available sheep by clicking the Card feature or the sheep icon on the home screen.

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Each sheep has a unique appearance and special fighting ability. They are not available from the moment you first play. However, as you pass special levels, you can collect them in your collection and take them out on the battlefield.

Sheep Squad supports you to put four sheep into battle. You can arrange them in four positions, respectively A, B, C, D. The sheep in position A will act as the main character on the battlefield. Of course, you can also change to another character during the battle.

Last comment on the characters, they are quite cute. Furthermore, they also have fun actions and expressions in battle.

Unlock new special skills

Besides the special abilities of sheep, you can unlock more special skills. There are all 9 auxiliary abilities. You can check it in the Ability tab next to the sheep. They are divided into four categories, corresponding to four ranks: noble, legendary, mythical and epic.

Download Sheep Squad APK for Android

With interesting and fun gameplay, Sheep Squad will probably soon win the hearts of gamers. The game is slowly becoming popular. It has reached more than 50,000 people on Google Play, and that number is constantly growing. In addition, the Sheep Squad is still under development for content and features. In the recent update, the game has added chat features with icons, allowing players to interact with each other during the match.

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