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NameShadow Blade
Package Namecom.deadmage.shadowblade.paid
PublisherCrescent Moon Games
MOD FeaturesUnlocked All
PriceFREE $1.99
RequiresAndroid 2.3.3

Shadow Blade MOD APK is a fast-paced action platformer game for Android Devices with intuitive touch controls. Its difficult but attractive gameplay is a measure of the skill of skilled mobile gamers.

Introduce about Shadow Blade

Get through hard challenges to become the Shadow Blade!

Sometimes if you want to play a game that is not just for fun, you want to challenge yourself with a difficult game, want to change the feeling of the platform you used to know, you can try playing Shadow Blade.

Before deciding to download Shadow Blade, I also consulted some comments about this game. There is a comment from a player “Shadow Blade is a platformer game with a masterful design, smart difficulty management skills. I played it to the end, although many times I thought I would give up halfway because the intervals were too hard and required more time skills. It’s pretty stressful overall. But if you’re determined to assert your platformer experience, there’s no better game than this one.”

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After playing about ½ of the game, I found the above comment about Shadow Blade too true. I will summarize a bit about this game so that if you have the same interests as me, you can download and play.


Shadow Blade is about Kuro, a young man who wants to become a true Shadow Blade. To do this he must find enough teachings handed down from the deceased Ninja masters. Shadow Blade does not have a story that is too difficult to understand or has many details, all are just excuses for the Ninja to start his adventurous journey.


Like many other platformer games, the player will lead Kuro, the main character of the game, through levels with increasing challenges, and around are countless traps and enemies. You have to constantly wriggle, use your Shinobi abilities to escape difficult obstacles, sneak, and attack on enemies.

The character you are controlling is not an ordinary swordsman, it is a Ninja. Speed ​​and agility are the first criteria of every Ninja. So in Shadow Blade, the game pacing is quite fast, without enough concentration and superior skills, a player may be difficult to overcome.

Control manipulation in Shadow Blade is also a unique feature of the game. You can control intuitive touch on the screen, each button is an ability, a weapon of the character. The location of the emulator buttons is reasonably designed to support a lot of the quick actions that the game requires from the player. Or you can choose to swipe the screen like before on smartphones. I prefer buttons. It feels nostalgic and interacts with the character in a traditional way.

When you focus on manipulating the character, you will also realize that Shadow Blade is well designed with a good balance between levels, and between all the details on the same screen. That’s why it’s worth playing even though there’s nothing special in the story as well as the classic platformer gameplay.

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Before officially playing the game, Shadow Blade will bring a few draft scenes. The purpose is to help players get used to the main controls, including jumping, attacking, gliding in the air, or combined actions such as jumping high and swinging swords over enemies. Ninja’s available skills here are not many. But the game allows the combining many things together has created many attractive battle scenes.

The entire Shadow Blade currently has about 40 levels. At each level, you need to collect up to 3 stars. But this is not easy. The first star spends collecting the number of light orbs. The second star is your reward for finding 2 secret symbols. The third star, which is also the hardest to find, is to complete the level within a certain time limit (less than 1 minute). This is exactly what the player who commented above said. It is also what makes many gamers difficult when playing this game.

Graphics and sound

Compared to a traditional platformer game, Shadow Blade’s graphics are quite smooth and beautiful. The layout is good, balanced, the difficulty is undeniable, but there is always a reasonable exit for players to overcome many pitfalls. The colors, though dark, match the rather hardcore premise from the beginning of the game, but still have a lot of impressive colors. The game speed is fast, but every detail is well taken care of, without being overlooked.

Shadow Blade has a simple sound, exciting background music in the style of a classic arcade game. There are not too many sound effects, but in this game, it is acceptable because the player’s focus should be ongoing to the scene, solving the difficulties on the road rather than listening to the music background.

Shadow Blade for Android

The weapon system in Shadow Blade is very ninja-like: swords, knives, darts… With each weapon, you have to understand its strengths to pull out and use in different enemy situations. From there, it adds to the strategy that brings depth to the game.

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In short, Shadow Blade is a Ninja-themed platformer game that emphasizes the player’s tactics, observation, and quick reactions. The game is fast-paced, and not easy at all. But if you have enough skills and enough passion, this is a game worth experiencing.

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