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Calling Rec Room APK a platform is more accurate than a game or a simple app. Because this is a place where you are free to create any game you want to have fun with your friends. You may not know it, but Rec Room is currently very popular in the world.

Introduce about Rec Room

The most fun and open game creation community today

What is Rec Room?

Rec Room is a community game creation platform on mobile. You can join many players from all over the world to create mini-games according to your own preferences, easily and quickly. Then from there share with each other to create a fun and exciting community.

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And as a community, of course in Rec Room, you are both a content creator and can invite people to your game to try, rate, give constructive suggestions or give some people the right to enter to play and customize the content to their liking. From that, you and people will together make a game that is entertaining, educational, and completely open-minded.

In particular, Rec Room can also create VR games that are shared with VR headsets such as SteamVR, Oculus VR glasses, or PlayStation VR.

Create game and play with your friends!

Regardless of the games available, even when you’re satisfied, they still don’t seem to be enough. You and your best friends always have crazy games that only the best friends know and play with each other. Of course, no developer is sophisticated enough to capture all of these sometimes eccentric tastes. So the best, easiest way is to create a game for you and your friends to play with, in your own way.

This need is even more so during difficult global times. Friendship is no longer filled with parties, hanging out, everyone’s all in their home. And people started thinking about teaming up to play games that everyone enjoyed. And if you have this in mind, you should join the community game creation platform Rec Room.

Do you love Play Together?


Rec Room will take you into a virtual city. Well, before that, you will create your own avatar with the tools available in Rec Room, so that it is cool and shows your personality best. In this Rec Room city, you are free to explore many different game rooms from all over the world. Each room has enough instructions, features, specifying controls, rules, and everything related to the room’s game.

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You just follow the instructions in the room and you will get a Dorm key (which is your own place in the Rec Room). Find your Dorm, you will have a smartwatch on the corner of the screen. Every time you want to participate in an activity or a certain feature, you will need this smartwatch. From here you will begin your personal experience in Rec Room.

There are many, many things for you to do in this virtual city with countless game rooms. For ease, I will divide the actions here into 2 levels: Enjoy and Create.

Level 1: Enjoy the many available game rooms

In the Enjoy level, you will take turns (alone or with friends) to explore the available game rooms. Each room is a game that has been created by previous Rec Room users. You can join the room, invite your friends to play together, buy and sell in-game items in Store, collect and store all in-game items at Backpack, find understanding information about the room you are present in… You can also manually change all the settings in the game (configuration, difficulty, color…). After you have experienced the game yourself and spent a good time with your friends in a certain game room, you can leave a comment for the owner, a private message for any players who are participating in the game.

Or you can also accept the Challenges offered by the Rec Room itself. The owner of each game room can also create challenges for his guests. If you pass, you will get very attractive gifts.

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The pleasure of playing Rec Room is to admire the diversity of each game room. Each game is full of personality with completely different creativity and gameplay. Once joined, going through the colorful fun dramatic experiences, you are sure to find a lot of fun and excitement.

Level 2: Create your own game room

Enjoy other people’s games for a while, devote all your mind and admiration to the extremely unique game rooms with too good ideas and too much gameplay, then there will come a time when you start to be curious and want to create something for yourself. Here comes the second level: Creation.

With the help of Rec Room, along with the unique Mark Pen function, you will be able to do tons of the following:

  • Create a new room for a new game
  • Actively invite friends to play your game
  • Create challenges with attractive rewards
  • Link with other players
  • Send messages to players in the room
  • Participate in the Best of Rec Room vote to vote for the best games in each feature category: plot, gameplay, features…
  • Report gamers who do not follow the game rules and cheat
  • Use the Marker Pen: a powerful creative tool that gives you the freedom to draw your own game world, from a small puppy to epic helicopters, or even a dragon flying in the air…
  • Have a huge collection of tools to create unique objects and gameplay for your game.

In addition, when participating in Rec Room, you can also freely comment and build for other people’s game rooms. Also, open up your game (to some or all players) so that everyone can contribute constructively to your game. It is this healthy two-way interaction that has helped Rec Room quickly become an extremely attractive and powerful game creation platform in a very short time.

Download Rec Room APK for Android

Play unlimited games with friends, create your own games, connect and communicate with a community of game creators. There is so much for you to explore in the city of Rec Room.

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