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NameReal Gangster Crime
Package Namecom.gta.real.gangster.crime
PublisherNaxeex Studio
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
RequiresAndroid 4.4

Real Gangster Crime MOD APK is an action game from the publisher Naxeex Studio, where you will turn into a reckless gangster, regardless of everything to make money and challenge the law.

Introduce about Real Gangster Crime

Living a real gangster life

Tired of playing a good character, now you want to play a bad character?

Real Gangster Crime is unlike any action RPG you’ve ever played. There is no concept of a hero here or a good person in this game. In the New Vegas city where you are, there are only gangsters and gangs. You will be a dangerous anti-social element in Real Gangster Crime.

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The character you incarnate this time will be a criminal, full of illustrious feats. Because of such talent, he is quite “famous”. Continuously many places hire him to do different shooting and looting missions, the rewards are very good money. You not only need to finish the assigned tasks, but also have to constantly fight and find a way to survive in this underground world full of traps.

But, after playing you will realize, being a good person is not easy, but becoming a bad person is even harder. To survive and develop the “gangster career” in this prosperous city, you will have to do a lot of things. You expand your influence, carry out your assigned duties, and live the life you want, while constantly on the run from law enforcement. In short, this game is quite difficult to play.

Bored of peaceful life, let’s play Real Gangster Crime

If you’re looking for a violent game, you’ve come to the right place. Real Gangster Crime is full of elements of violence in the gangster world such as theft, terrorism, shooting, with a lot of different gang factions. Of course, it is indispensable for the familiar blue shirt of the police force and special organizations that are searching for you everywhere.

During the game, with the money accumulated from the missions, you will in turn unlock new weapons, and continuously loot different types of vehicles from motorcycles, cars, racing cars, to advanced military cars and even helicopters equipped with firepower, to serve your profession and escape.

Real Gangster Crime for Android

A small message for new players is that the thug in Real Gangster Crime is quite “sensitive”. Any skill that is not practiced regularly will be decline. So you have to constantly fight, bombard, steal racing cars for a few laps on the street, otherwise, it will be difficult to be fluent when faced with situations that need. Besides, you need to work hard to earn money to have enough “means” to be a professional gangster. Otherwise, you can’t have respect from everyone. In general, if you want to be a real gangster, you must be rich so that people will respect you.

Excited and attractive

The transformation in Real Gangster Crime is sometimes very unpredictable. You can do almost anything you want from walking, running on the street, punching another thug, shooting like crazy at the enemy, stealing cars, racing cars, fighting the police, running away from another crowded group of enemies.

Transformation is also in the perspective of the game. Overall, it’s a third-person 3D shooter, but in each situation, the camera angle will actively change to ensure that players can see the whole scene and enjoy the best frame. Therefore, the feeling of each time is completely different, the street looks different, and the excitement also increases a lot.

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The unpredictable transformation also lies in the fact that players can choose the maximum equipment themselves and freely customize the character to the weirdest level possible. For example, covering your head with a giant monster mask, or equipping a pair of gloves with integrated heavy weapons to fight a series of enemies. Many of the items such as hats, masks, glasses, clothes, wigs, shoes… can increase the health, agility, and stamina of your character. There are also some items more unique, that will help your character possess formidable superpowers. Compared to other street looting games, the gangster in Real Gangster Crime is more surreal and illusory.

The number of vehicles that you can rob and use freely in Real Gangster Crime is also countless. You can simultaneously experience countless vehicles from sports cars, SUVs, extreme tuning cars, sci-fi cars, motorcycles, tanks, combat helicopters…

MOD APK version of Real Gangster Crime

MOD feature

Unlimited Money

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Beautiful 3D graphics, the highest physics simulation is in the scene shooting down the enemy. The driving scenes are also quite smooth, flexible, and rhythmic movements. The sound is also awesome, brings a very violent feeling. Anyone who loves shooting games, or street gangster games can try playing Real Gangster Crime.

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