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NameRally Fury
Package Namecom.refuelgames.rally
PublisherRefuel Games Pty Ltd
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
RequiresAndroid 4.1

Rally Fury is an attractive racing game published by Refuel Games Pty Ltd. You can show all your speed talent and compete with many other excellent racers.

Introduce about Rally Fury

The most realistic 3D sports racing game ever!

A modern 3D racing 

You are speed enthusiasts, but don’t have conditions to follow such a luxury hobby? To help you make your dream come true, the game makers have come up with a series of attractive “offers”, in which, there are of course a series of quality 3D racing games.

And among those dozens of quality games, I choose Rally Fury to play. And to be honest, it’s awesome!

If you have a passion for speed, desire to experience dangerous roads on top supercars, and even a series of thrilling and suspenseful situations, I’m sure you’ll always be satisfied in Rally Fury.

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Rally Fury is an extreme sports racing game in which all the most perfect experiences in terms of speed, vehicles, and 3D racing are at an admirable level. Accordingly, your authentic feeling and exhilarating experience when racing will be much higher than in other racing games.

The gameplay is simple but gives a great feeling

The gameplay is actually very simple, which is in contrast to its sophisticated graphics. You are an excellent racer, and your only task is to control the car over your opponent and reach the finish line in the shortest time. In the game, you will see a series of quick instructions appear with specific buttons such as: “Change your Steering mode in the pause menu”, “Accelerate using the button below”, “Brake using the button below”…

The shapes and icons of the buttons also appear respectively. Later when you enter the game, they will spread out all at the bottom of the screen for you to manipulate easily. You click “Start”, the game also lets you try a few times by “Let’s practice using Boost” and then “Use Boost now”. Similarly, other instructions also appear in turn so that you can follow and practice before the upcoming thrilling scenes.

Choosing a car also has a lot of interesting things. There are dozens of car models to choose from. Each type has its own strengths and advantages. You should base on 4 important criteria the game gives to choose which model you like best: Engine, Acceleration, Handling, Boost. Next is the customization of the car. Do not focus much on intervening deep inside the car’s machinery, as I said initially. Rally Fury mainly goes into racing scenes. So mainly we can only change the plate color and the exterior textures of the car. Focus on the real battle ahead!

Rally Fury MOD APK download 1440x810

When entering the scene, the bottom left is for left and right movement, the bottom right is for starting, acceleration, braking. The top right is the Countdown Timer and the current speed, and the top left is the track map. Everything is displayed clearly, just enough to see, not too big to distract your attention. Just the reasonable distribution like this has given me great sympathy for Rally Fury. 

Rare authenticity of a quality racing game

When you’re on the road, you’ll see how realistic this game is. The vehicle can be tilted or shaken, bounced in rough terrain. The speed can be difficult to maximize in bad weather races. The wheel tightening or fast turns can give a harsh hiss. Everything you have ever experienced or seen in spectacular racing scenes in movies is here.

In addition, when racing, you can also have some other special support such as milestones that double the number of points or speed up in a certain time (Nitro feature), which will happen quite often. So, don’t need to put too much pressure on them!

Nitro is also the big difference between Rally Fury and other games of the same genre. When there is Nitro, the car is immediately full of energy and the speed column is also towering. Of course, how high depends on the ability threshold of your car. But what you have to do immediately when there is Nitro is to accelerate to get to the finish line before Nitro time expires.

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At the end of the race, accumulated points will be summed up based on achievements, remaining seconds, excluding collisions along the way… These points are used to unlock new cars, upgrade the car’s stats, or level up your rank in multiplayer mode.

The interesting sound

Corresponding to the gameplay and terrain, the background music in Rally Fury will also change to bring the excitement to the highest level. In addition, there are a series of sharp and bold sound effects, from the sound of vehicle acceleration, the sound of the wind whistling on the road, to the sound of a collision with another vehicle. Every detail is meticulously designed in both visual and sound.

MOD APK version of Rally Fury

MOD feature

Unlimited Money

Download Rally Fury APK & MOD for Android

The game has simple gameplay. You can have many smooth and logical movements on diverse racing tracks. It has everything we need in a racing game, doesn’t it? Download Rally Fury to play now!

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