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NamePuzzle Fighter
Latest Version2.3.3
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PlatformsAndroid 4.2
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The PAX WEST 2017 Fair marks the official launch of Puzzle Fighter to gaming community around the world after a long time being capped by Capcom. For longtime gamers, we are probably no stranger to one of the most compelling titles in the early 1996s called Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo on PS1 devices. In 2007, Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo continues to be heavily improved in both gameplay and graphics. And now, Capcom is reluctant to revive this legendary game called Puzzle Fighter, helping many of us to find a piece of our own childhood. Strongly supported on both Android and iOS platforms, download the Puzzle Fighter now to get your hands on the latest version of this game.

New features of Puzzle Fighter

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Join the World of Puzzle Fighter, the task of the player is to move the squares on the screen so that the same color blocks into a block, and then collect the rounded cells of the same color. Detonate the blocks you have just arranged. Puzzle Fighter is a game that combines the hegemony between the Tetris-style and fighting gameplay, that after you detonate the square blocks in Puzzle Fighter, you will deal a huge amount of damage to the enemy team. The larger the block, the more damage you will cause. Not only do damage, the character’s skills also disable damage or hinder, slowing down enemies. And in the end, in this fierce battle, anyone who has been shut down will surely be the loser.

Challenge other players around the world with the real-time combat system in Puzzle Fighter. Try to build your own perfect team you want. You can see the many familiar characters in many of Capcom’s game titles such as E. Honda, Ken, Ryu in Street Fighter, X in Mega Man, Frank West in Dead Rising, Morrigan in the Darkstalkers, and last but not least, Mike Haggar in Final Fight, along with Jill from Resident Evil.

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The characters system of Puzzle Fighter will bring the player to another surprise unexpected. The lineup of Puzzle Fighter includes a main character and two supporting characters. Each character has a different attribute and skills that help players in battles. In addition, you can change the character’s skills through the system of collecting pieces when you complete a match. Use this pieces to help you recruit new characters or upgrade, change character skills. Complete the Puzzle Fighter mission system and bring back the items you need. Build up a group of legendary warriors and collect the important outfits and equipment to be able to win in this game.

2 mode of gameplay

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Puzzle Fighter has two PVP 1VS1 and AI modes. Win each match to win the weekly PvP World Ranking and do not forget to unlock the character packs as you level up. If you want to get a lot of equipment, play AI mode in Puzzle Fighter, fight with the machine from low to high until you have defeated or conquered all the challenges of the game. Tens of thousands of in-game value prizes await you in this fascinating mode.


As for the graphics of Puzzle Fighter, you will see some of the hottest characters in the hugely popular chibi-style chibi style games. Graphics also contributed a small part to make players feel both familiar and new in this game.

Puzzle Fighter 2

Download Puzzle Fighter APK now?

In general, the new Puzzle Fighter has just launched and will not be able to provide too much useful information for everyone. Puzzle Fighter is a game worth playing or not, you can answers it yourself.

And right below is the links where you can download the Puzzle Fighter for both iOS and Android, you can install through the store or install for Android from the APK file in case you need the direct installation file.

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  • Puzzle Fighter for Android APK - v2.3.3

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