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NamePocket Family Dreams
Package Namecom.kooapps.pocketfamily
PublisherKooapps Games | Fun Arcade and Casual Action Games
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Gems, Characters Unlocked, No Ads
RequiresAndroid 4.4
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Playing games on mobile, you must be too familiar with Match-3 combined with a familiar topic, like interior design? In Pocket Family Dreams MOD APK, you will once again encounter this classic gameplay. But the story and setting are completely different, promising to bring many unprecedented novelties.

Introduce about Pocket Family Dreams

Well, you know. Decorating and embellishing a house not only make the living space more beautiful but also help improve the feelings of the whole family. In a warm and beautiful house, the relationship between husband and wife is always hot, children are reminded of good habits of the day, and the whole family has time to connect through the family meals in the warm kitchen or light conversations in the living room. Of course, living space with compatible furniture leads to the emotional connection of each family member. And I’m sure you will realize it more clearly than ever when playing Pocket Family Dreams.

Classic match-3 game and familiar gameplay

Pocket Family Dreams is basically an interesting Match-3 game with an interior design theme that can defeat any difficult players. In the game, you will meet a genuine high-class rich family. Each member has different tastes and personalities. Their thoughts and feelings are also different. You will need to redesign their room and satisfy them with the desired living space according to their sometimes very contradictory requirements.

It’s a big challenge when it comes to room interior design. In match-3 scenes, Pocket Family Dreams poses many different levels of challenge. Play with the colored tiles and match them most ingeniously. When rows and columns of the same color are deleted, you will collect points. And when you get enough points, the match-3 challenge is over. It’s time for you to get beautiful and luxurious furniture to start decorating the big house.

By recreating the private spaces skillfully, you will help the adorable twins Dewey and Elroy comfortably play with tons of mischievous jokes while remaining completely safe in their toy room. Or you could be of great help to Uncle Oscar by creating his dream garden. Or you will help Cousin Ellie have her own space to get closer to her dream of becoming a professional cheerleader.

The game has no limit on the number of rooms. You can optionally open a bunch of different new rooms and name them by name, function, and decorate them from scratch. This is an interesting process that I think everyone who has played mobile games has wanted to try at least once.

But the difference starts here: The furniture is countless

The interior decoration system of Pocket Family Dreams can be said to be the most massive among the home decoration games I’ve ever played. Countless different large and small items will turn to your hand at the end of the match-3 game screen. They are arranged according to the function, color, shape, and personal preference of each family member. The more patiently you play, the bigger your inventory will be. When there are many options in hand, then you are free to redecorate rooms and houses for customers.

Especially, you can continuously interact with every member to find out in-depth what they want for their room. Because there’s an unwritten rule to remember throughout the game: you’re decorating every single room in a large house. Whatever you do, the rooms must somehow connect and relate to each other. 

Smashing stars to create more new rooms 

Many times, you are even ahead of the needs of the customer. Be the proactive demand generator by overcoming star-smashing challenges, then use your bonuses to design and build new rooms to unleash your creativity.

In the future, once you have enough money, the ability to create your own new room can open up the opportunity for you to own a beautiful home of your own. This is a journey of creativity and discovery. By constantly challenging yourself, you will take your creativity further and lead your aesthetic sense to perfection.

Sharp, delicate, and reasonable 3D graphics

I mention rationality because this is an interior decoration game. If the developer does not calculate carefully from the beginning, the furniture arrangement will be affected by many inadequacies in terms of size, angle, and beveled lines. Pocket Family Dreams did not make me worry right from the first level. Everything has been fine-tuned. The furniture is sharp, harmonious, the shape and size are reasonable. Wherever it is placed, it fits it as if it was born for this space. This is a very commendable effort from the game designer, said by one player who has had much painful experience through many times of playing meager interior design games.

The space of the rooms and the whole house is presented very well. The comprehensive view makes it easy for players to understand the structure as well as visualize in their heads what needs to be made for this place. It’s also a great way to get access to and complete tasks. It both encourages new players and keeps the excitement for experienced players.

MOD APK version of Pocket Family Dreams

MOD features

  • Unlimited Gems
  • Characters Unlocked
  • No Ads

Download Pocket Family Dreams APK & MOD for Android

Believe me! Pocket Family Dreams will not disappoint you. It has beautiful pictures and interesting content full of love, especially family love. You can even get for yourself some great tips to redecorate your own room!

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