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NamePierced by Love
Package Nameyaoi.genius.blkyudo
PublisherGenius Yaoi Studio Inc.
CategoryVisual Novel
MOD FeaturesFree Premium Choices
RequiresAndroid 5.0
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Pierced by Love MOD APK is a fairly good interactive novel about a passion for Kyudo archery. For those who like Japanese simulation game, this could be a unique but interesting choice.

Introduce about Pierced by Love

Yaoi Anime Romance Game

Kyudo and background

In Pierced by Love, what piqued my curiosity and brought me to this game is definitely Kyudo. For some reason, everything about Japan has always had a strange appeal such as the sword way, judo, tea ceremony and now the bow. The Japanese don’t talk much, but they always do what they’re passionate about with all their heart and call it “religion”. It is not only a skill, a method, a school but also a way of life. While randomly searching for interactive mobile stories related to these powerful lifestyles, I found Pierced by Love, and immediately immerse in Kyudo.

Kyodo is one of the traditional sports in Japan, which was a must-have skill of the feudal Samurai. Kyudo is the way we use the bow as a weapon and use each person’s shooting technique to hit the target in front. This skill appeared a long time ago, maybe several hundred years BC. In feudal Japan, Kyudo was especially focused by the Samurai in long-range battles. The increased demand led to the continuous opening of archery schools. But then it declined sharply because the Portuguese appeared in Japan and introduced the Gun, a much more powerful weapon.

Some people still do not want this traditional skill to be lost. They banded together to form the Japan Archery Federation, officially turning Archery into a formal and systematic sport. Even some colleges and universities in Japan choose Kyudo as an optional or compulsory sport for their students.

Here the Pierced by Love story begins.

New story with old gameplay

You are a freshman at Imagawa College. After a lot of arduous work and training, you were accepted into the school’s prestigious Kyudo team. It is not only your dream but also your own pride, because in the club there is your childhood idol. You know, being able to study with your idol in a subject that you have always loved, is really like a dream.

But you can’t believe that this proud decision is bringing you into a dark secret. Behind that secret lies a series of breakdowns from the presence of the club to the budding relationship around you.
When you join the school’s Kyudo club, you don’t think you’ll fall in love with someone. However, your appearance is like a stone thrown into a still lake, causing the water in it to ripple and begin to become unsettled. A few people suddenly appear to disrupt your life and lead you to the difficult decision between love and the only chance to save the Kyudo Club.

To put it bluntly, in addition to the interesting story about Kyudo, you will also take part in a private love story imbued with emotions interspersed a few mysteries, dramatic situations and some interesting facts. Follow the story, read, and understand everything around you as the main character. Make choices when the game demands. You will slowly come to the end according to the life you have lived and the thought you have chosen.

Nice characters, nice personality

I don’t know how you would feel if you played this game, but I already liked the characters’ costumes as soon as i saw them. The practice uniform of the martial art makes everyone look so majestic and romantic. Although i don’t know much about this style of clothing, I find it really attractive.

Everyone here is incredibly beautiful and cool. Even if they don’t wear a uniform, they are still shining brightly.

The first guy is Ito, known as a prodigy since childhood. He is an immense talent in the Kyudo world. But it is also because of that natural talent that Ito did not have a normal childhood like many people. He has always struggled with the pressure or even unreasonable and heavy expectations of many people on his shoulders. At first, Ito came to the Kyudo because he was passionate. However, now the passion in him has slowly been faded and disappeared by that pressure. Instead, he does everything like a fighting machine and struggles to find the meaning of life. When difficulties come, the world he once believed in is broken. Who will be by his side to pick up these broken pieces of his heart?

The second person is the easygoing “senpai” – Goichi. He is known as the likable person in the club. Goichi is also the first person you meet when you arrive at school and is always enthusiastic to help you in any situation. Goichi is currently the new captain of the club. On the outside, he is always gentle, active, friendly, and seems very extroverted, but inside his soul is not that good. There are stories Goichi holds in his heart and when the time comes, the problems he keeps inside are about to burst out.

The third man is Yamaguchi, the decisive marksman. Yamaguchi was the most depressed when he saw the club disbanding. Initially, he was just an ordinary member joining the club because of the wishes of his family, but then his feelings began to change from love to hate. Yamaguchi has always had unusual thoughts and eventually decides to lead a war against the famous organization that has disbanded the school club. Will Yamaguchi resolve the grudge in his heart or keep it and embrace regret?

All of them appear to you at the same time in separate ways. Each person has a story and a personality on their own. But it is your presence and warm heart that has gradually changed many things, including their feelings. Can you change the biggest thing: the disbandment of your favorite club? Does it mess up all your relationships and lead to the breakup of many beautiful friendships?

Now it’s time for you to enjoy the story and live the way you want.

MOD APK version of Pierced by Love

MOD feature

Free Premium Choices

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A beautiful and extremely attractive visual interactive novel is based on the context of a special sport. This is also the first time I found a game about this Kyudo theme, and it didn’t let me down. Try out this game now to experience lots of new things.

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