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NamePassion Puzzle
Package Namecom.admarket.passionpuzzle
PublisherWhee Games Ltd
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RequiresAndroid 4.3

Passion Puzzle APK is a match-3 puzzle game from publisher Whee Games. Match-3 puzzles are too common, but both solving puzzles and meeting hot girls in the hot tropical summer is definitely not to be missed.

Passion Puzzle: Do you know how to flirt, date a girl?

Linker-style match-3 puzzle gameplay, but the content is very engaging

First, I want to talk about gameplay a bit. Passion Puzzle is essentially a pure puzzle game. The proof is here, I did not lie to you. But anyone who begins a sentence with the word “but” means there is certainly something hidden behind. I do not cover anything, just want to make you a little secret about the game.

As for the rules of the game, you probably already know. You use your finger to link the items on the board. These will disappear and you get points.

What is behind the simple gameplay?

Puzzle is just the tip of the iceberg. The remaining 80% of the deep bottom is the reason many guys want to play this game, surely. It is the flirting and simulation of the main character and beautiful girls. On his summer trip, he met many beautiful girls. Because of her handsome appearance and intelligent and romantic manners, you will conquer beautiful girls in this strange land. Each girl “comes” to you for a specific reason, some are flight attendants, some are tourists, some are guides. You even get to know a beautiful restaurant owner.

So, whether you want it or not, you will still have the opportunity to chat, flirt with them, in one way or another. The gameplay here is really the fascinating part that “confuses our mind”. A few flattering sentences, followed by hidden flirting sentences. You choose your answer, and depending on this answer, the next development of the story is given in the form of lines.

Even the girls in the game actively want to date you. They take you into dark stories. What would you do in this situation? Accept their love, or refuse for another girl? Since the game’s content features multiple adult stories, Passion Puzzle is labeled for players aged 16 and over.

Your job in this process is just reading, listening and answering their questions. Tap the screen, select, and listen, to see where it’s going.

From flirting to match-3

Pull and push for a while, the girl will come up with a request for you. If finished, you will a walk with her or invited her out to dinner. So, the puzzle reappears. After playing, you see her waiting with a seductive smile on her lips.

But, sometimes, it just isn’t that easy. Sometimes, the girl tells you she’s busy, then leaves, leaving you there with the frustration. Or she can accept all your requests. Details of the story, you should explore it yourself. I will not disclose further.

But, every fun will end

After a series of fun, romantic conversations, you have to decide which girl to choose. Elegant flight attendant, innocent and lovely Emilia, or attractive stylish Shantal …

And you can rest assured that, no matter who you choose, the game doesn’t have a twist to trick you. These are just normal dates. Choosing anyone is just keeping the relationship with them going, not requiring you to bond with them for life. You think that way to feel more relieved at the decisive questions and answers.

Even, you may not choose anyone. Say goodbye to beautiful girls and continue your journey.

Download Passion Puzzle APK for Android

This game is great. If I have a chance, I will play it again. Because of the great content, the romantic music, the beautiful scenery, the girls are very pretty. Well, if you are FA but do not know why, you can play this game, learn a lot of flirting, dating. Download and play Passion Puzzle right here!

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