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NamePascal’s Wager
PublisherGiant Global
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PriceFREE $6.99
RequiresAndroid 5.0

If you are a fan of the Dark Souls game series, Pascal’s Wager APK is an Android game that you should not ignore. You can download the game for free through the link below the article.

Introduce about Pascal’s Wager

Have you ever imagined a world without a sun? That happened in Pascal’s Wager, the latest action game released by Giant Global. The game is predicted to cause players to temporarily forget the Dark Soul. After the success on the Xbox, PS4 and most recently the version for iOS, this game has finally been released Android version.

Compared to other role-playing games of the same genre, Pascal’s Wager is highly appreciated for its extremely detailed and profound storyline that lasts nearly 20 hours. Numerous NPCs, lighting effects, the narrator’s voice will take you on an unending adventure.


“A dark world, a fallen Sun”.

Pascal’s Wager is about Colossus, the gods who bring light to everyone. According to legend, they appeared when the sun disappeared, bringing eternal darkness to the entire kingdom. Colossus emits light, clears the Mist of the Night and leads people to find the land of light. To survive in the world of darkness, people must follow the Colossus. Therefore, they are called The Walking Gods.

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The Colossus are scattered in different areas. The Colossus of Heggem is near a mine. People rely on Heggem’s light to live and work. They are waiting for a new migration.

The Colossus of Adamina was weakened after Marred’s attacks. However, his light is sufficient to protect the survivors from darkness and Sendril.

However, like the sun, the Colossus also gradually mysteriously collapsed. A postman named Terrence, he lost his beloved wife. Believing that the missing wife was involved in the fall of the Colossi, Terrence set out to search for the missing wife, and uncover the mysteries of this world.


It is hard to ignore the graphics part of Pascal’s Wager. With detailed 3D graphics, it simulates a dark, cold and desolate world in a truly impressive way. Overall, Giant Global has done a great job with the image of the Android version. While some effects don’t really match, overall, the game still has some unique charms that you can only find at Pascal’s Wager.

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The environment, characters, monsters are all simulated in detail and realistic. You are immersed in a world of darkness, adventure in every step and perspective of the character. Besides, you will enjoy the cut scenes with great angles, in accordance with the pace of the game.

The sound

When talking about the sound of Pascal’s Wager, I’m interested in two elements: music and voiceover.

Regarding the soundtrack, it’s undeniable that the publisher has done very well. Sound is also a factor that helps the game increase the cold and gloomy. It succeeds in leading emotions to players in different regions and storylines, helping players feel excited, curious and thrilled to not know what will happen next.

However, there are many players who complain about the voices in the game. Sometimes, the voices don’t match the atmosphere and background music. It makes the overall picture somewhat odd. You can sympathize with a limited budget of the publisher. Hopefully, this will be fixed in the next versions.


Despite a detailed and complex storyline, Pascal’s Wager has gameplay that does not have much difference compared to games of the same genre. You choose your favorite character, then fight with the character and explore the rest of the plot.

The game allows you to use two characters in battle, if one character is defeated, the other character can appear and continue the battle. You can also swap two characters whenever you want. This feature gives you flexibility in choosing the right tactics for each region.

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The console is designed in an elegant way. The publisher tries to help you fully enjoy the footage of the game, so they have minimized the control keys as much as possible so it does not take up too much space on the screen.

The familiar control mechanism of the role-playing games. You use the virtual joystick on the left (hidden) to control the character moving while using skills such as slashing, gliding, blocking with the keys on the right. Information such as mana and HP is displayed by the two bars below, instead of above.


Terrence is a knight, the character we mentioned in the plot. He is a postman who was expelled from the Church for sins in the past. One day, he stumbles upon a clue to the downfall of Colossus. He set out to search for the mystery about Colossus, and find his missing wife again.

Viola is a gunner with a gun. She joins with Terrence after accidentally saved by him from Sendril. She has a rather mysterious past regarding the Church. Even with Terrence, she didn’t reveal who she really was.

Norwood is a mysterious assassin with a mask. Norwood saved Terrence when they were both in Adamina. Even with only one arm, he could easily kill any Marred.

Benita is a monk who can use magic. She is Terrence’s only friend. She sacrificed her sight to rescue her friends. For her, it did not matter because her world originally had no light.

Fixed License version of Pascal’s Wager APK

Pascal’s Wager is a paid game, and it is extremely secure. Therefore, you cannot install the game via regular APK files shared on the network.

APK version at APKMODY has fixed license errors, and you can experience this entire game when downloading.

How to install Pascal’s Wager

  1. Download the APK and DATA files of Pascal’s Wager.
  2. Unzip the file “”.
  3. Copy the folder “” to “Android/data” .
  4. Install the APK file.

Note: This is not OBB file.

Download Pascal’s Wager APK free for Android

Pascal’s Wager costs $ 3.99 on the Google Play store, but you can download and install it for free on our site. Are you ready to join the journey to find the light, which has disappeared too long in the human kingdom?

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  • alphastarton avatar

    Hey MODY, so far so good without problem, but can you mod unlock all DLC content please?

  • kaikaowai avatar

    Hi the 0.6.0 version is out and it patches the frame rate problems… could you update please? Thanks

    • alphastarton avatar

      Yeah i think would be great!

  • dummail1998 avatar

    Hey mody, is it offline?

  • munkhjargal1012 avatar
    Munkhjargal Jagaa

    Will it work on Samsung s7? It looks a great game!

  • denvermanggo avatar
    John Michael Go

    Working great but there’s a 500MB update as of today but updating it in-game still works! Thanks!

  • hongomastergamers avatar

    I get this “This application is not licensed” can you help me

    • apkmody avatar
      Anh Pham

      Fixed, please download the APK file again

  • grangerbrian45 avatar
    Brian Granger

    Hello game is asking for license my comments are still pending

    • apkmody avatar
      Anh Pham

      Fixed, please download again

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