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NamePakka Pets Village
PublisherSpace Inch, LLC
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RequiresAndroid 4.1

Download and install Pakka Pets Village APK on your Android device right now. This virtual pet game will bring you fun and dispel boring time every day.

Introduce about Pakka Pets Village

Virtual pet games have become popular for a long time. If you are a lover of games of this genre, you are no stranger to My Talking Tom or My Talking Angela. However, today I want to introduce you to the game Pakka Pets Village from developer Space Inch. This is where you can create a cute pet village instead of just taking care of a certain pet like other games.

Many pets, lots of fun

Coming to Pakka Pets Village, you not only have the task of taking care of cute animals but also have to build a village for them to live happily. Collect materials and use your creativity to design a fun world with lots of cute pets. Crafting magic food, decorating houses, playing games and lots of adventure adventures await.

Pakka Pets Village has a separate zone that allows you to choose eggs and hatch to create cute virtual pets. At this point, your pet is still small and very weak so you must be very careful when taking care of them. Taking care of a pet is extremely realistic simulated by the publisher. This means that if you starve your pet (for 2 to 3 days), they can even die. Or if you feed them foods high in fat, they will become fatter and weaker.

To prevent this from happening, you need to consider carefully before choosing your pet’s food. By touching and holding any item in the refrigerator, they will display its statistics (including happy, full and fatty). Choose the right nutrition for each pet to keep them healthy and happy.

To keep your pet healthy, it is also important to go to bed on time. This helps with a faster metabolism and a prolonged feeling of happiness, making them happy and comfortable throughout the day. Just like My Talking Tom, you have to turn off the lights in order for your pet to sleep.

In addition to the pets originally listed by Pakka Pets Village in the animal book, players can go through the process of discovering or treating pets to unlock mysterious pets. Currently there are about 12 mysterious pets for you to unlock.

More pets, more fun

Pakka Pets Village is a village, so increasing the number of animals and levelling up is extremely important. Having more pets also helps you to spend fewer hearts to level up. You can hatch eggs or plan to grow and use your evolutionary powers to rapidly increase the number of pets.

Leveling up allows to unlock more space to grow radishes, build and collect many new materials. Board the bus to go to the big cities, you can go on the adventures included in the storyline and perform unique handwritten quests of each pet.

Home decoration

Show off your creative talents and make not only your house but your whole village more wonderful and beautiful than before. There are dozens of furniture, windows, wallpapers. You can even reuse old tires to make a swing.


When your village reaches a certain level, Pakka Pets Village will unlock the mining area. Adult pets will help you to mine gems. Use gems in exchange for rare items as well as evolution stat boosts. You can mine gems every day.

Don’t forget to visit the store

You can easily find the shop in the center of the village. Here you can buy and sell a variety of items at different prices.

In particular, the store’s inventory will change every few hours. Although they are just general goods, rare items will occasionally appear. So check back often, maybe your luck will appear, you can get some rare items with cheap price.

Download Pakka Pets Village APK for Android

Pakka Pets Village is a unique virtual pet game with diverse and attractive gameplay. Take care of your pets, have fun together, build and expand your village. A variety of exciting activities await, install the game and start your adventure journey now!

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