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No Guns is receiving a lot of attention from people. Download and install the APK file of the game, join the battles and win the championship.

Introduce about No Guns

Recently, Glitch Monster released a new product called No Guns. This is an online shooting action game, with the classic gameplay that gives you fierce battles. If you are looking for a game to clear your free time, No Guns will bring you a lot of fun and excitement.

The shooting game with no gun

No Guns is classified as a shooting genre though. However, in the game, there is no gun at all. Perhaps, you realized it through the name as well.

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The battles in No Guns use grenades and Jetpack. Each battle lasts five minutes, and those who are unfortunately killed will be revived after a few seconds. Every kills you kill will count as one point. This achievement is continuously updated until the time expires.

No Guns does not integrate voice chat. However, people can still communicate with each other by sending messages. Let’s set rules together. Use grenades, melee combat, or whatever you find interesting.

Many modes to play

There are two main game modes in No Guns, Team Deathmatch and Solo. Team Deathmatch requires your device to have a stable internet connection. This is an online battle, taking place between real players.

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If you do not have an internet connection, you can play offline. Opponents are monsters controlled by AI. While they cannot throw grenades or attack you from afar, they are very crowded, can cornering you and slowly finish you off. Therefore, destroy them quickly before you can not control the game.

It’s easy to take part in a match in No Guns. You can touch “Quick Play” at the home interface of the game. The system will automatically pair you into a squad in team deathmatch mode, or put you in single-player mode. Of course, you can also join a room created by other players previously, or create a room yourself and invite your friends to compete.

You can customize the room in detail. Select a room name, maps, set a maximum number of players and the maximum duration for each Round. These powers are, of course, reserved for the room owner.

No Guns is still in development

Currently, Glitch Monster only offers a Beta version of No Guns. Although this game is still in development, it seems to be working very well.

No Guns for android

In the recent update, the character system has added the Skins package. This will refresh your experience, as you can change your character’s appearance to become more unique. Some minor bugs that players reported in survival mode have also been fixed. Performance is also tested and optimized for smoother operation on low profile devices.

Customize your character

The game has integrated custom features. You can change the outfit, hat, glasses and colors for the character. No Guns has no currency system, and as such, all these transactions are free at the moment.

Supporting items

If you’ve ever played a famous survival game like PUBG Mobile or Garena Free Fire, you’ll notice that the game has supply boxes. They bring more advanced equipment and weapons to the player. No Guns is not a survival game, but it also incorporates this element. The supply tanks carry lots of powerful weapons. You can replace the default explosive grenade with a thunder grenade or a fire grenade. Of course, each type has its own special ability, which expands the range of effects, damages, or makes you fly very far.

No Guns do not have a detailed equipment system for the characters, but they are provided during play. Armor, Jetpack and many other support items. They bring a great advantage on the battlefield, so use them wisely to defeat the enemy.

Download No Guns APK for Android

No Guns brings new gameplay and entertainment for players. Its content is intended for ages 12+, contains no elements of violence or gore. We’re here to make the game’s APK file available to everyone, including those in unsupported regions. You can install the game through our tutorial and APK file.

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