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The 2021 version of NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball APK has been released worldwide and is available on Android devices. If you are an active person, love basketball, want to build a squad and conquer tournaments, download this game and join now!

Introduce about NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball

NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball was first released in 2016 for mobile devices. This is a legendary franchise game launched by EA Sports in 1994. NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball has made a big hit worldwide. At the same time, it has received the love of many players, especially basketball fans.

Basic setup for your team

The first time you start the game, the first thing you have to do is go through the setup process. You need to choose your age, login options (or play as an anonymous), username, and favorite basketball team. After that, the system will guide you on some basic ball-playing techniques. These techniques include stealing the ball from an opponent, over people, moving, and throwing a net. Of course, this tutorial is intuitive. You can practice through the control panel at the bottom of the screen.

In this section, there are some notes. You should log in with an account to store data online and have a profile to participate in PvP matches with other players. Another thing is that you should read the documentation. It contains the basic rules and tips for better play.

NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball gameplay

In fact, NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball is designed quite similar to Madden NFL Mobile in terms of both content and gameplay. So, if you’ve played it before, you can master the controls and other features in this game. And if you are a newbie, I will give you an overview of the game so that you can build yourself a solid basketball empire.

4 modes for you to join

NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball offers four game modes, including event mode, PvP mode, season mode, and tournament mode. These modes are not ranked, so you will use the basketball team you previously selected to play. If you don’t like the default lineup, you can rearrange the lineup as long as you place them in positions that suit their abilities.

Season and tournament are the two main game modes and also the most loved. In it, you will enter the qualifiers with the game’s AI, then compete to score and win a chance to enter the next round. Achievements will be recorded during play, and the team with the highest score will win the championship cup. To be honest, the difficulty of these two modes is quite steep. Sometimes, you will have to hone more tactics, techniques, upgrade your squad or replace better, more suitable players.

NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball apk

PvP mode is where you can compete with other players. You enter the room, find the right opponent, and match the match with them. I really like this mode, because it allows me to play with other people, or with my friends. I can learn more from them, thereby improving the team’s weaknesses to play better. In terms of event mode, it brings a lot of bonuses and useful resources.

The controls are simple, intuitive

Control in NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball is quite simple, in which the console consists of only 4 function keys: move (D-Pad), Pass, Shoot, Hold Sprint. The D-Pad button is at the bottom left of the screen, where you control your character’s movement. The remaining three keys are on the right side, divided into two types of skills: attack and defense. Attacks include Pass (over people), Hold Sprint (sprint), and Shoot (throw the ball in the basket). The defense has the function of protecting the ball and blocking an opponent. Tutorials will explain how these actions work and how to perform them.

The player system is simulated from real stars

The player system in NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball is designed quite in detail. Each player has a stat that shows how well they play. In particular, speed, fitness, skill, and ability to coordinate with other teammates are the most important. You can rely on these factors to position them in the right ball position on the field.

NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball download

In addition, the system also provides an overall rating for a player on a 100-point scale, so you can quickly rate a player. The problem is, the free players that the game gives you don’t really have superiority. Most of the elite players are sold in shops or the auction room. They can be purchased with real money or in-game currency. Of course, you can also sell your players if the squad is overflowing. The transfer market is really a feature to look forward to in NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball compared to other basketball simulation sports games.

Realistic 3D graphics

NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball has just over 70MB, but the graphics it shows are quite the opposite. The visual designs in the game are excellently shown on the 3D platform. The football field, the players, the action, and the accompanying effects create a real basketball game. Personally, I’m satisfied with this awesome version of pocket basketball. The graphics are very smooth, with no signs of lag or delay while playing. The movements are well-handled and optimized so that the game can work on medium devices.

Download NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball APK for Android

NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball is an interesting basketball simulation game in terms of both content and gameplay. Newcomers have quick access to mastery play and face off with seasoned players. Now you can download this game, create your own team and conquer the world tournaments!

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