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NameMy Story – Mansion Makeover
Package Namecom.zenjoy.home.blast
PublisherZenLife Games Ltd
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Diamonds
RequiresAndroid 4.4

My Story – Mansion Makeover MOD APK combines home decor with colorful match-3 games. You not only play but also learn skills and planning through this highly realistic game. Now let’s see how amazing it is!

Introduce about My Story – Mansion Makeover

Renovating a dream mansion, it takes both passion and patience


My Story – Mansion Makeover is about a young girl who has a difficult life. A day that seemed to be the worst day of her life, with all sorts of bad luck falling from the sky, turned out to be a turning point night, completely changing her future. Aunt April, the aunt who raised her as a child, had passed away. She left her a huge inheritance, a magnificent mansion in Oakmay. Opening the door stuck because of rust, the girl was surprised by the large space inside. Although she spent a memorable childhood here with Aunt April, her memory was… so different now.

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In front of her was a mansion that was too large, but it seemed to have been abandoned for a long time. It was full of dust. Everywhere was cluttered with furniture. Everything seemed to have sunk into oblivion, only old sad gray patches remained. Fortunately, there was Alfred, Aunt April’s housekeeper. From that moment, with the help and guidance of Alfred, she, step by step, renovated every small corner of the mansion and finally completed the renovation of the whole mansion. By her talent and love, she would give it the bright, energetic, and vivacious look it already had before as in her memory.

How to play

In essence, My Story – Mansion Makeover is a match-3 puzzle game combined with a home decoration simulation. To get tools or furniture to repair, replace and decorate every little corner of the mansion, you will have to complete colorful match-3 levels. It is just that simple, but I’m sure you can’t stop.

The game does not require much but passion and patience

The mansion you own in this peaceful town is literally a vast property, with lots of floors, areas, and rooms. It has a garden under the house, the swimming pool, the playground, the hanging garden on the terrace, the bedroom, the bathroom, the living room, the first floor, the second floor, the area between the floors, and even the helipad. So, to give a new look to this majestic mansion, you just need to have a great passion for interior decoration, a warm heart, and patience.

Patience will help you sequentially do the smallest things to go to bigger, better things, to decorate every small corner of the mansion. And Patience will also help you make the most intelligent, reasonable, and aesthetic choices for your building. Importantly, Patience supports you to go through a series of match-3 puzzles from easy to difficult to get each item you need for the renovation.

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You also must have a passion and responsibility for making the renovation for the mansion. You must think of it as a part of your life. Do that, you will understand that changing the mansion’s look is not only to make it more beautiful but also to let it really shine, cozy, and last forever. Therefore, you will make the best choices in each task. And you’ll be more inclined to choose expensive, hard-to-find items that provide the durability needed for every corner of your house, instead of luxuries that are completely substandard and don’t have a long lifespan. 

And finally, the love for interior decoration so that you have enough energy to do everything in the neatest, most delicate, and beautiful way.

Excitement also comes from small things

Players’ excitement comes from very small things. But it’s real-life situations that force you to carefully consider, which is something other home decoration simulation games don’t usually have. For example, when you realize you need to refresh the fountain in your front garden, you will have to consider whether to invest in a long-term renovation from the original or just focus on the magnificent decoration without caring about the future durability. If you choose to reform it from the original, you will have to do a lot of small things like changing the tiles, waterproofing, adding an algae ecosystem under the water, and flowers in the middle of the fountain.

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These stages require more accumulating points, meaning that more than one match-3 or difficult match-3 level may have to be finished. But it will ensure the fountain will be beautiful, good, and durable. And if you choose its appearance, you will only need to plant flowers, add lights, and then add water and you’re done. It will be shimmering like a dream. But who knows, you may have to repair it again because it deteriorates very quickly.

Those real-life situations that put the players at a crossroads of considerations have brought small but stimulating excitement for them. You will both experience its extreme logic and learn some basic home improvement principles that will be helpful tips for you in the future.

MOD APK version of My Story – Mansion Makeover

MOD features

  • Unlimited Diamonds
  • Unlimited Energy
  • No Ads


You can buy even you don’t have enough diamonds.

Download My Story – Mansion Makeover MOD APK for Android

This home decoration simulating game has smooth 3D graphics, natural scenery being detailed in every line, high practicality, and logic. I think anyone who loves design must play this game once. It will give you a lot of good knowledge.

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