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Mr. Dog: Scary Story of Son APK + MOD (Dumb Enemies, No Ads) v1.6.11

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NameMr. Dog: Scary Story of Son
Package Namenet.wildgames.mrdogscarystory
MOD FeaturesDumb Enemies, No Ads
RequiresAndroid 4.4

You know life is full of cruel situations. Have you ever prepared for heart-pounding escapes? If not, try out Mr. Dog: Scary Story of Son MOD APK, then let me know how exciting it is!

Introduce about Mr. Dog: Scary Story of Son

Run away from the perverted policeman who is the son of Granny and Grandpa!


The story in Mr. Dog: Scary Story of Son is related to the game Granny and Grandpa also belong to the same genre of arcade horror. But luckily, they do not have too many connection plots, so playing each one alone does not affect the storyline. If you have not played Granny and Grandpa yet but still want to understand how these two games link to each other, I will list them here.

In Granny & Grandpa, you play as an ill-fated victim who was kidnapped into the building of these horror grandparents. Your mission is to run away continuously and find a way to escape from the building but never face Grandpa or Grandma, or else you will die.

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In Mr. Dog: Scary Story of Son, the story continues that as soon as you successfully escape from Granny and Grandpa’s house, you pass by the house of a big, fat policeman named Mr.Dog. You see this burly man taking away one of your friends. You chase him to rescue your friend, and the adventure begins from there.

How to play

The truth behind this is that Mr. Dog is Granny and Grandpa’s son. Your adventure this time is more or less bad and even more difficult than when running away from Granny and Grandpa. Because Mr. Dog is a cop, and the house where your friend is being caught is a prison. There are no neighbors around, so you cannot call anyone for help or call the police. So, don’t make any calls in Mr. Dog’s house, it’s useless.

The prison you are entering is fraught with the danger of death. There are traps, puzzles, hidden objects, terrifying dark nooks and crannies, and a host of quirky items that Mr. Dogs keeps in the house. All those things are what you have to pay attention to and answer if you want to find a way to save your friend and get out of here together. It will be a long, deadly night.

Like the game Granny and Grandpa, Mr. Dog: Scary Story of Son is an adventure and horror game based on puzzles and finding objects. During the search, you must keep absolutely silent, do not drop objects, and constantly use your mind to connect data and information, and at the same time must not neglect to run away from the chase of Mr. Dog. 

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For example, when seeing Mr. Dog at the top of the stairs, try another way. What if you are looking for the black key to enter the room with the laptop at that time? You will have to use the strategic Diversionary to make a noise somewhere to get Mr. Dog’s attention, then go up the stairs to get the key. After entering the room, you find the power socket to plug into the laptop to turn it on, but you don’t know the Password.

You then have to lean out the room to get the data nearby, and Mr. Dog will be able to see you and catch you again… Kind of like that. The dangers are always lurking, and the pressure on solving puzzles and time will be so heavy. You will be so confused soon, I believe. This is the fun of these games.

The horror comes from the hide-and-seek with Mr. Dog

The feeling of horror comes from the weird, fat, dirty, and creepy shape of the policeman named Mr. Dog. His strange hobby is collecting everything about dogs in the house, from pictures, statues. You can see so many pictures of different dogs everywhere. Hidden in those pics may be many cool things and hints for those puzzles. So, if you see items with a dog icon, don’t miss them.

The feeling of horror even increases when you realize that Mr. Dog runs extremely fast and is extremely sensitive to noises (unlike his somewhat silly and slow parents). And just one eye contact with him will give you a hammer to the heavens right away.

So above all, be cautious! Be cautious in every step, every breath, and every movement. It is okay to run a little slower, but absolutely don’t run into Mr. Dog, please.

Graphics and sound

Like Granny and Grandpa, the 3D graphics in Mr. Dog: Scary Story of Son performed quite well. The house is not as stuffy as the one in the game Granny and Grandpa. It is wider, with more nooks and crannies and more areas to search and explore. The movements of the player himself and the character Mr. Dogs are quite natural, making the hide-and-seek so thrilling that you may want to break your heart.

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The sound is bold, sometimes a bit overdone. But the overall is fine, depicting the suspenseful noises during gameplay. In my opinion, the sound of Granny and Grandpa did a little better. Maybe because the game developer wanted to increase the suspense in Mr. Dog: Scary Story of Son, everything seems noisier and hustler.

MOD APK version of Mr. Dog: Scary Story of Son

MOD feature

  • Dumb Enemies
  • No Ads

Download Mr. Dog: Scary Story of Son MOD APK for Android

Mr. Dog: Scary Story of Son is exactly a game for those who are a bit into horror games but don’t want a too heavy, gore, or ghost. A little bit of humor may make it better. The familiar puzzle-solving and object-finding mechanism will also be a factor that makes the game less stressful compared to the fighting horror games you’ve played. Are you ready to run away from the terrible police?

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