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Being the President of a country is the most challenging job. Passion for politics must come with responsibility, management talent, reasonable coordination, and sharp thinking. If you want to try this role, please play Modern Age 2 APK.

Introduce about Modern Age 2

As the President of a country, how will you develop your country and people?

What is Modern Age 2 about?

This is a simulation game where you play the role of the President of a country. You are the head of the country, you have the right to decide everything, represent your people, and appear in all international media. Behind, you also have a mountain of jobs that require outstanding leadership and management skills.

When playing Modern Age 2, you will rule your country, leading your people according to your direction. The game offers many countries for you to choose from, such as Russia, Japan, Korea, China, Australia, the United Kingdom, the Philippines, and many more.

And that’s just the beginning, there’s a long way to go.


First, after “taking office”, you will begin to identify the responsibilities of the presidency. You will manage Trade, Production, Taxes, Central Bank, Laws, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Infrastructure, Science and Research.

Regarding the Military, you take over military teams, conduct review of military policies with allies, and with domestic/foreign hostile forces, upgrade troops, increase training, and expand barracks. In terms of economics, it is necessary to review tax policies, orient the country’s agriculture/industry/services, divide economic strengths into regions, and contribute revenue from exports/imports to the state budget…

For sustainable development, special attention should be paid to the domestic and foreign Banking system, the Law, the Education and Training System, Religion, and the Infrastructure Policy. Do not forget a very important aspect that affects and governs all of the above: Policy of Science and High-Quality Research.

You know, even one day will not be enough to mention the big and small roles that the President of a country must shoulder. Only by entering the Modern Age 2 simulation game, you can understand and step into those detailed works step by step.

Leading a country is never easy. Modern Age 2 will tell you about the many different aspects that a president has to shoulder. There is full of work, challenge after challenge. You need to calmly learn, make prudent decisions and be decisive when necessary. Only then can your country develop sustainably and gradually strengthen its position in the future.


In Modern Age 2, you can order special battles to attack or resist invasions of other nations. Large-scale war campaigns, deployment of different military units, and tactics will yield different results according to their degree of influence.

Special campaigns include Attack the country, Espionage, Sabotage, Invaded Territories, and Nuclear program. You can deploy different mighty wars such as Infantryman, Cannon, Armored Fighting, Tanks, Helicopters, Bombers, Submarines, Warships…You will make the final decision.

There are many battles taking place on the map scene. Each unit is marked with a symbolic icon. By moving, arranging formations, and allocating troops in different directions, you can easily win when you have mastered the game. From there, you quell the riots or expand the country’s borders.

Solve the country’s big problems

As the top leader, you will face many difficulties in the form of national problems: famine, inflation, pandemic, protests, piracy, terrorism, ethnic conflicts, religious conflict, manipulation of the education and training system, economic monopoly… Countless small stories happen that force you to make a wise decision to benefit your country in a long term.

The beauty of Modern Age 2 in the aspect of National Problem Solving is that it shows the dilemma of the leader. The President will have to think much differently from the common people. You need to think open-mindedly, take a long-term view, and decide only after thinking about dozens of results and possible scenarios in the future. Sometimes you must sacrifice immediate gains to secure more valuable things. Only then can your country develop firmly and safely.

Download Modern Age 2 APK for Android

Modern Age 2 is a very broad, highly tactical game. It requires players to really focus, to think for the long term, and be careful through every decision. If you want to know how the president thinks and works, play this game!

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