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PublisherSecond Maze
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RequiresAndroid 4.4

Mitoza APK is a surreal game from the publisher Second Maze. You will live and grow from your own choices. Bizarre shapes can appear at any time, the infinite world of consciousness opens.

Introduce about Mitoza

The world is always so unpredictable!

Do you think there is a game like this in the world?

Mitoza is a monstrous game that can leave you bewildered and haunted for a week. But when you start playing, you can’t stop even when you want. With just a touch on the screen, you will continuously make decisive choices. Everything goes on without stopping.

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It all starts with a seed. You will choose to go in one of two directions: animal or plant. And successively there are choices between the two to continue their evolution and hybridization. And the series of actions that follow will determine the evolutionary maze of that initial seed.

Kind of like this:

  • The seed sprouts a sprout
  • That sprout sprouts flowers
  • Flowers are crushed by a bowling ball
  • The bowling ball, with your choice, can have a human face, and create a brain
  • That brain knows how to eat Apples :( and after eating leaves a new seed
  • Bird eats seeds and spawns an egg
  • The egg hatched into a giant carrot
  • Two elephants fighting over to have that giant carrot, then the carrot splits in half, breaking into a new seed

Everything begins with a seed and ends with a seed

The game is a very weird “If-Then” game. It’s beautiful and haunting in those things don’t turn out the way you think they do in real life. Looking at the type of bowling ball containing the human brain, you will understand. Another example is a seed that hatches into a man-eating plant. You choose a fly, thinking what that plant will turn into after eating the fly. But on the contrary, the fly will naturally expand and grab the plant to chew on, and then suddenly get hit by a fly racket and turn into dozens of small flies… It’s unpredictable like that.

Mitoza can be called a game of the mind, where your imagination has no end, where all your subconscious obsessions can come true, and every nightmare can play out.

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In fact, games like this used to be on PC during the Flash’s heyday. But when Flash died, they also went to dust. But lucky Mitoza has been selected in hundreds of Flash-based games to refresh on both PC and mobile. That’s why we have this interesting brain adventure of a lifetime.

The game has no specific plot, no characters, no winning or losing, no fighting, no puzzles as usual. You just need to touch and select, the 3D image appearing on the black background will automatically be affected by that selection and transform into a new form, unpredictably and weirdly.

Do you know it’s extremely haunting?

I remember it was a rainy Sunday. Sitting in the house, I searched Google Play to see if there were any games to kill time without thinking or doing any tasks? After a while, Mitoza appeared. I was quite hesitant to play because of its gloomy setting with all-black background screenshots and adding creepy items. But to tell the truth, those images had entered my mind from the moment I first saw them, so after thinking about it for a while, I decided to play.

It was true what I wanted, there were no scenes to pass. There are just choices, left or right, one or two but the results of any action give me goosebumps.

What came to my mind at that time was “Who with what head would make such terrible tricks?” It was so weird. Played for a while, I brought the phone to charge it, and then I was really challenged by the game. Random thoughts kept chasing and stirring my mind.

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I thought about humans, about cruelty, about the uncompromising evolutions of many species on this earth, about the smallness of humans, about a creator hiding somewhere to eat popcorn then enjoy the growth and loss of all things created by himself. Life and death really have no end. Dying is to turn into another form that the thing on the edge of life cannot feel. Living is really just a form of waiting, waiting for an impact to happen and transform yourself into a different form. Everything is probably inherently so unpredictable that we have not had the opportunity to see it.

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Well, never mind, that’s my wild thinking. You may have other inferences and thoughts when playing this bizarre game. With such a nice 3D game, you have to do nothing, just pick and choose. It is a bit obsessive but extremely worth playing.

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