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NameMeteorfall: Journeys
Package Namecom.slothwerks.meteorfall
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PriceFREE $3.99
RequiresAndroid 4.1

Meteorfall: Journeys APK is an exciting new card game developed by Slothwerks.

About Meteorfall: Journeys

Perhaps the players have become so familiar with the card game style in Japan. This Yugioh cartoon has brought endless inspiration to publishers to create compelling titles for the players. However, the game Meteorfall: Journey will bring you a completely new experience, unique that you have not found in any other card game titles. Let’s find out about Meteorfall: Journey which has something new.

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Meteorfall Journey

Entering the game, you will be introducing one of the four explorers Bruno, Graybeard, Mischief and Rose. Each character gives you a different approach to the game and tactics. Each card has a blood count. Struggling with the blood of the enemy will help you win. And if you lose all your blood, you will lose. After flipping a card, if you want to use it, swipe the card to the right, and swipe to the left if you want to skip the turn and continue loading the next card.

When playing Meteorfall: Journeys, you will have to defeat all the enemies that the game brings to you. There is no perfect adventure without the monsters. Dozens of monsters with all sorts of weird shapes, along with the seven most powerful Bosses waiting for you in the front. Meteorfall: Journeys owns the familiar play style. In turn, defeat each monster in each level to become a card master in this game. However, you have to pay attention that each gameplay limits the number of play, so you have to calculate well if you want to beat them.

Each card in the game has a completely different attribute, which makes it interesting in gameplay. In addition to attacking cards, you can also pick up defensive cards, extra cards, heal cards, etc. Since each turn is very important, you can win every opponent.

Meteorfall Journey 2

Increasingly, enemies will be stronger, more bloody. Do not worry, however, because your character will also be upgraded after each level. After each fierce battle, you will receive a series of gems in the game. Use gems in the forge to upgrade the cards that you own. Then you can start a new journey in Meteorfall: Journey.

What is an interesting point?

Meteorfall Journey 3

The special feature in Meteorfall: Journeys is that each time you play, you are taken to a completely different location, different enemies and challenges are also quite different. Conquer all of Meteorfall: Journeys’s mission systems, bringing the noble medal in the game. The leaderboards will be where you compete with other gamers around the world. Tell them how to become a card master is in this game.


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Meteorfall: Journeys possesses beautiful graphics. Making cards look extremely fun, like One Disney cartoons. In particular, the interface for you to play cards is also very interesting. Continuity will be the hand of a bear dealer and help you perform actions, manipulations. It looks very funny and funny.

As a fan of card games, I like this game because it has a unique playing style. Although the selection in this game is very simple, this does not mean that they are easy.

Download Meteorfall: Journeys APK for Android

Overall, Meteorfall: Journeys is a great addition to the mobile card game collection. The game works smoother, more tactical and is a great game for anyone. You can buy games on the store or download through the link below.

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