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MEGA MAN X DiVE MOD APK is truly a gift for fans of Mega Man/Rock Man. If you have a “deep love” with the heroic robot guys and the troubled past behind them of this series, this is a general game that you must not miss.

Introduce about MEGA MAN X DiVE

New World and New War

The plot

The setting in MEGA MAN X DiVE is the digital world of Deep Log. This place gathers all the Mega Man characters along with a whole bunch of villains, famous bosses, and countless enemies throughout the Mega Man series. Unfortunately, the timeline in Deep Log is having a fundamental problem. The events happening in the history of Mega Man that you have ever known are all turned upside down. The characters are therefore also in turmoil.


However, the confusion is not over yet. One day, a terrible virus suddenly spread, causing the Mavericks to awaken and begin to destroy the peaceful planet.

You will play as a character capable of saving the world in that crisis such as X, Zero, Axl, Roll, Rush, Proto Man… and fight against the Mavericks, bring peace to Deep Log. And most importantly, find the real cause behind the broken timeline, fix the problems, kill the mastermind, and put everything back in its place.

Gameplay and special features

From scratch, you will play as X (Rockman). After that, through the victories, you will gradually open other characters that are also incredibly famous in the series such as Axl, Zero, Vile… Each of these characters can level up in their own way with ability to learn new skills and upgrade personnel.

Progress in the game still follows the classic sequence: choose a scene, fight a series of enemies, overcome many dangerous traps, and finally encounter the boss. Each boss has a power chip. If you win the boss, you will have the right to immediately collect this chip, put it in the reserve, and turn it into your future power. Each of these chips will have an active skill or a passive skill, but when used, it will consume a lot of energy. You need to carefully consider putting it into the right battle to quickly win with as little effort as possible. In addition to weapons, heroes are also equipped with many other things such as upgraded armor, materials to enhance equipment…

Basically, MEGA MAN X DiVE retains the unique controls and movements of the entire series. But now, in addition to Dash, jump, buster and saber, our robot hero can also aim automatically (auto lock) and shoot 360 degrees. The automation of some stages in MEGA MAN X DiVE is also a big improvement to make the game more suitable for mobile platforms. It is also a factor that promotes rapid popularity in the market thanks to its ability to reach a lot of fresh players.


The movements are also smoother than before, especially the fast slide moves with rockets underfoot.

The game layout is also more optimized. Besides, the size and position of the buttons have been tweaked to make it more accessible to players. Even newbies who do not need to know the plot well can still play quickly and easily.

Another special feature of MEGA MAN X DiVE lies in the weapon section. In addition to the basic weapons such as swords and guns, the game also introduces a series of new weapons. The strength and destructive power of each weapon is determined by the level it has. These levels are divided in alphabetical order. The higher you go, the stronger the weapons become.

Moreover, there is an important point that makes many people love MEGA MAN X DiVE. When you fight and defeat the boss, you will be able to collect chips from the boss, which means you can turn that Boss’s skills into part of your own arsenal. It’s a kind of trophy but much deeper.

Graphics and sound

My first impression when playing the game is: the beautiful scene, the good depth, the modern color scheme, and the attractive characters. It seems that everything in this return has been recreated with many modern design techniques, so the characters (both the hero and the boss) are very polished and full of vitality.

Game modes

MEGA MAN X DiVE has rich game modes from Single to Multiplayer co-op or PvP. When you want to fight only the boss or with your friends, you can choose Versus mode, using the characters you have accumulated with various skills to defeat your opponents.

Having old characters is indispensable for old scenes (maps). You will see a lot of familiar spaces but have been refreshed to be more beautiful and livelier.

Better change

The ability to move characters in MEGA MAN X DiVE is also one of the things that make up the game’s strange appeal. The screen turning on the wall or wind surfing takes place very sweetly. Control via emulator button is also quite good. Although it takes a bit of time to get used to and combine the familiar buttons, once this initial stage is over, everything later happens very quickly.

MEGA MAN X DiVE for Android

To compensate for some disadvantages when playing on mobile compared to playing on PC or game console, the manufacturer has made a few changes later such as giving gifts to users. Map areas are tweaked, even if it’s an old map. The types of traps on the way now do not make you instantly die like before, but will lose blood slowly like when falling into a thorn pit, touching the large body of the enemy… So, you don’t need to worry or stress too much.

To better reach inexperienced players, the manufacturer has included a lot of detailed messages on the screen revealing the skills of each boss when fighting. If you want to increase strength, open many new characters to achieve better rankings, you have to work hard with a lot of time.

If you love Mega Man series, you can’t miss ROCKMAN X DiVE.

MOD APK version of MEGA MAN X DiVE

MOD feature

God Mode

Download MEGA MAN X DiVE APK & MOD for Android

In MEGA MAN X DiVE, the scenery is beautiful, the characters are good, the plot is nice, and the world has too many things to explore. Fight bravely with interesting sounds. Dear anyone who is a fan of the Mega Man series, play it now.

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