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Manor Matters APK + MOD (Unlimited Stars) v3.4.1

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NameManor Matters
Package Namecom.playrix.manormatters
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Stars
RequiresAndroid 4.4

Easily rebuild Castlewood mansion with Manor Matters MOD APK version (Unlimited Stars). Let make it become an ideal place to live for everyone.

Introduce about Manor Matters

Another interesting game from the publisher Playrix called Manor Matters. After the success of Homescapes series – the game that has led the charts on the Play Store for many months in a row, Playrix decided to launch more Manor Matters in the hope of continuing the success of its predecessor. With intellectual puzzle gameplay combined with finding objects, are you ready to find the mysteries of this game?

Join Manor Matters now, show off your detective skills to solve a series of puzzles now!

The story

Manor Matters is a great combination of decorative gameplay style of The Sims and finding hidden objects. This game recreates the context of a mysterious old Castlewood manor house that once belonged to a billionaire.

Manor Matters apk

It was now abandoned and severely degraded. However, Castlewood still contains many rare antiques and decorations. But, it seemed there was a gloomy scene here that looked like it was being cursed by something terrifying, so up until now, no one dared to visit. As a talented detective, you have the task of uncovering the mystery that is hidden in the old manor, while at the same time renovating and making it as beautiful as before.

Discover the Castlewood

When you first step into this manor, you will be overwhelmed by its majestic property. Although there are many degraded places, it cannot be denied the splendor and vastness of Castlewood. With large, torn curtains, crumbling furniture, you will think of haunted mansions.

Manor Matters gameplay

Playrix cleverly designed the scene a bit creepy and mysterious to stimulate the player’s curiosity. Why was this a billion-dollar manor abandoned for many years? Are there any shady in this story? These questions must have come to mind at least once.

Before entering a new room, a companion will tell you what items to look for. Initially, the rooms on the first floor have a fairly simple level. But do not be subjective, because things will gradually become a stalemate as you explore the higher floors. Objects can be covered up or hidden in discreet places that are hard to spot. Not only searching, but you will have to guess the shadow during this job of collecting objects. Try to find them before time runs out!

If you feel too stuck, you can watch the ad for more suggestions. Although it takes a bit of time, they are quite useful. Or you can buy more time if you feel like you are already near the items.

Decode the mystery puzzle

Carl will be your companion on this trip. He was originally the assistant of an explorer who had been to Castlewood but was unfortunately missing. Having experience in Castlewood, Carl will show you the paths to where rare items are hidden in the house. And your task is solve all the puzzles to get them.

Manor Matters screenshot

Complete quests to collect a certain amount of lightning and use it for treasure finding. Use a magnifying glass to find valuables in the rubble of an old room. Complete a decoding quest you will get a certain number of stars. Depending on the skill and completion time, you will get more or fewer stars.

You will use these stars to remodel your vast mansion. This remodelling will be assigned to Bill, a skilled builder.

In the process of discovering the game, the old villa will gradually be dressed in a new, more sparkling and beautiful outfit.


Manor Matters is developed based on the inspiration of the famous game Homescapes, so you will find they possess quite similar graphics. However, in contrast to the room full of flowers and colors in Homescapes, Manor Matters owns a darker and more creepy scene.

The plus point is the design of the apartment is very meticulous and eye-catching. The plot is seamless and very creative that makes players fascinated with each scene.

MOD APK version of Manor Matters

MOD feature

Unlimited Stars: Stars always revert to maximum after you use them.

Download Manor Matters MOD APK for Android

Many mysteries are waiting for you to discover in Castlewood. Is there really something shady going on here? Who was that lost explorer? And is Carl really as harmless as he is showing? If you want to find the final answer, please download and experience Manor Matters now.

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