Major Mayhem MOD APK 9 (Unlimited Money)

By Mr Daxua •
Major Mayhem cover

Major Mayhem (MOD Unlimited Money) is a game that allows you to become an alone agent, make friends with a gun that participates in the rescue mission. The game was released by [adult swim] games, they also have many interesting games such as Pocket Mortys, Robot Unicorn Attack 2, and more. It is possible to see the games of this publisher always have a large number of favorite players.

Overview information

NameMajor Mayhem
Publisher[adult swim] games
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
RequiresAndroid 4.1

Heroes alone

Major Mayhem gameplay 1024x640

If WWE Mayhem is a wrestling game 1vs1, then in Major Mayhem you have to fight with all alone. Our main character is a talent agent. He has to rescues her girlfriend from the dark forces. Your enemies are the elite Ninja, they are good at hiding, throwing darts but the agent is not the type of normal. Will you complete the task, and rescue the love of your life?

One-touch shooting gameplay

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The plot sounds complex, but Major Mayhem‘s gameplay is quite the opposite. Unlike other shooter games, in this game you kill enemies, you just touch their positions, that’s enough. In a nutshell, its play is similar to a beat-the-mouse game. In addition, you can also use grenades or missiles to destroy a group of enemies. You will lose if they let darts hit your body. So hide behind a rock or a tree safely, constantly firing them at every opportunity.

At first, you may think this game is simple. But surely you will have to think again after playing hard levels. Not only are the number of ninjas growing, levels are also added to the hostage, if you shot them, you will also lose. Many challenges are waiting for you. Only the best agent can complete the task. Are you one of them?

45 tasks, that enough?

Major Mayhem weapons 1024x640

This game has 45 levels ranging from easy to difficult and four different modes, corresponding to over 150 big and small tasks. You may not be able to play all this game for several weeks. When you complete the missions, you will have the opportunity to unlock more than a hundred achievements, along with a variety of weapons for you to explore. If you choose Major Mayhem MOD (unlimited money), the game offers you a large amount of money so you can buy anything you want.

The game will appeal to you right from the first level. However, after playing for a while you will have the feeling of repeated things. The game tries to add more features to the game, giving you more fun. Each level lasts only about a minute. If you are looking for a simple entertainment game, Major Mayhem is not a bad choice. I hope that the publisher will update some new weapons and different types of enemies, surely it will make the game more attractive.

What about graphics?

Major Mayhem graphics 1024x640

In terms of graphics, it can be said that Major Mayhem has created its own charm. The beautiful 3D design is pretty fun to simplify the details. The environment in the game as picturesque. The game will take you to explore many different lands like the tropics, the metropolis, and the desert. Although not too sophisticated, the funny design of the game will make you feel satisfied.

In general

Major Mayhem is really a new shooting game at the moment. The game reminds me of old four-button games like Contra, Rambo. The game supports both iOS and Android operating systems. You can download via the links below.

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