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Lustful Shores APK + MOD (Free Shopping) v6.2.0

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NameLustful Shores
MOD FeaturesFree Shopping
RequiresAndroid 4.1

Download and install Lustful Shores MOD APK (Free Shopping) on your Android device and experience the most engaging tower defense battles.

Introduce about Lustful Shores

Nutaku is a popular game publisher. They have developed their own platform to release new products, and you can download Lustful Shores or any other games of Nutaku there.

However, you also have another choice, which is to download the MOD versions we provide.


Looking through the trailer and advertising banners, Lustful Shores is labelled NSFW, but its gameplay does not show the same.

Lustful Shores is a Tower Defense game where you must protect your kingdom from wild beasts. They seem to have lost control, trying to make things go chaos. For the sake of the people, you can’t let that happen.

Lustful Shores gameplay

To prevent bad things from happening, you will use the power of the heroines and the defensive towers. While the enemy is trying to follow the path into the kingdom, place weapons along the way to attack and block their advance.

In general, this gameplay does not have any difficulties. It is designed similarly to Bloons TD 6, and if you have experienced this game before, then playing Lustful Shores will be easier and faster. The heroes also constantly provide guidance and some tips for you to play better. If you don’t like it, you can ignore them.

The content of the game will take place in such a stream. Your towers will also evolve over time to meet the difficulty of the game. Establishing an optimal strategy will help you win many battles.

Fight with monsters

Difficulties never tend to diminish. That means, the enemy will appear with a dense frequency, while their strength and health are continually improving.

When you first started, you only faced small monsters like green goblins. Immediately after that was the appearance of giant monsters, wolves, war dragons, or even commanders orcs with iron armor. At that time, the challenge requires you to have the skills to arrange the formation, while the strength is enough to resist fierce attacks from the enemy.

Honestly, defensive strategy games always have a strange charm. The context and fighting style of the enemy is constantly changing, requiring you to come up with suitable combat plans. Sometimes, the battlefield has up to 2 gates. And if you have an unreasonable defensive tower layout, you can’t seem to get out of the challenge.

Defensive towers

Defensive tower (Town) is the main weapon and means of war that you use in this game. When you win, you gain experience and level up. At that time, the system will unlock new defensive towers, with the ability to expand and have strong damage.

Lustful Shores download for Android

However, for a strategy game like the Lustful Shores, having a powerful weapon is not really as good as a suitable tower. On mission 4, I faced the spiders. They move very quickly and the Card Mortal Tower’s ammo speed is not enough to chase them. Card Frost Tower is a more suitable choice, when the impact and attack speed is much greater. In other cases, the Card Astral Tower unleashes its full potential by destroying the armor of enemies and slowing them down.

Furthermore, your Deck (Tower equipment bag) is also limited in the number of towers that can be carried in a battle. Learn about the capabilities of each type of tower and the enemies you have to face to have the best strategy.


Besides defensive towers, magic is considered as the best damage weapon you can use. In essence, they are more like a skill, because they get in number and disappear after use.

Lustful Shores talents

Fireball is the first magic I have. It is quite useful when creating a downpour of fire, sweeping enemies across a large area. Immediately after that, I received Cyclone. This spell can slow the enemy for 10 seconds.

MOD APK version of Lustful Shores

MOD features

  • Free Shopping: All items in the Shop can be purchased for free.
  • Free Talents
  • Unlimited Money: At the start, you can sell a tower for a lot of money.

Download Lustful Shores MOD APK for Android

Lustful Shores is an engaging tower defense game for Android. Although it is rated as NSFW content and not released on Google Play, you can download and install them on your device on our website. Play with the female warriors and join the fight against the devil.

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    Phoenix Hunter

    Pls update the game so we can play

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    Update please

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    Needs a update

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    Can this mod get you ban?

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      Mr Daxua

      No. It’s safe, I think.

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