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Lumia Saga APK, a new 3D role-playing game that once stormed the Korean market. Now, this game is available on Google Play and ready to satisfy all adventurous players. Entering the game, you can explore a completely different and vast world, the mysterious Lumia world with unseen mysteries. Join the Turbulent expedition team to raid and discover the mysteries deep within the beautiful world.

According to the majority of reviews, Lumia Saga is a new wind for the fantasy world lovers. With the nature of an MMORPG, the game takes players to fiery battles through PvE or PvP systems. Comes with these features that promote communication between players to develop a large community. In addition to connecting players, gamers can also add friends with NPC to fight monsters. With outstanding features, after only a short time, Lumia Saga has achieved great success in the MMORPG category for mobile.

Overview information

NameLumia Saga
PublisherCentury Game
RequiresAndroid 4.2
MOD FeaturesNo


Before starting the journey, you will be given a cute and funny chibi character in the available character classes. Each character has a different characteristic and different appearance but in general, they are cool. The character control system is quite simple. Besides the basic navigation keys, players can use additional keys to perform different forms of attack. Each different character has a specific attribute and peculiarity. There are 8 different character classes, depending on the battle and tactics you can choose the appropriate character.

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All character selection and tactical construction are the main purposes to bring the highest efficiency in combat. Therefore, we can see the tactics, and the game promotes the spirit of solidarity between players and players.

Fighting together

Lumia Saga is a community and requires high solidarity. Players need to find their trusted teammates and build a strong team of adventurers. In the game, adventurers will experience an endless adventure in the vast Lumia world. To overcome all challenges, players must search, create weapons and equipment to enhance the power of the character. Through the sandbox-style gameplay, players can forge weapons that fit the power of each character class.

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Remember that Lumia Saga‘s monsters are powerful and can appear anywhere. You alone can even defeat the team quickly if you don’t set out proper tactics and formation. Use the power of the characters thoroughly and fight the will to help the power of your team become champion. At that time, conquering all challenges, exploring dungeons or confronting boss bosses became much simpler. Solidarity, creativity in combat is the key to winning.

Many exciting activities

The Lumia world is full of mysteries and chaos always brings endless attraction for players. Most of the game’s time is mostly devoted to exploring mysteries and fighting monsters. In addition to the fascinating battles that are full of solidarity, you can fully show your strength in dramatic fighting. Real-time PvP or PvE battlefields are always exciting and attracting players around the world. Win to become the star of the battle and collect more titles and trophies for yourself.

Lumia Saga Various Combats 1024x576

In addition, in the playground of Lumia Saga, NPCs not only guide you but also give you unexpected emotions. Make friends with them, even date with cute and lovely characters.


Graphics is probably the special highlight of Lumia Saga because all images are quite perfect. Characters are created by funny 3D chibi shapes in a bright and colourful world. Eight character classes with unique appearances. Besides, the skill effect will bring authentic and top-notch battles.


Through the achievements gained in the Korean market – a relatively fastidious market, Lumia Saga promises to bring more successes on the global. Decode the mysteries of Lumia world and search for reliable new friends, all waiting for you to join immediately with the most powerful adventure team. Download this great role-playing game to your phone and enjoy the endless journey!

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