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NameKnights Chronicle
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Knights Chronicle APK is an extremely exciting real-time strategy game by Netmarble. This turn-based game is currently available on two Google Play and Appstore stores. You can download this game and join in adventures beyond space, time, completing missions, exploring Dungeons and more to explore. But first, drag down the review to learn about some of the features of this game.

About Knights Chronicle

Garniel is a beautiful planet in the galaxy where gods give people a happy life together. But after a few thousand years, the power of the gods was weakened. Some greed and cruelty people are threatening life on this planet. Now, the fate of the planet is in the hands of the White Knights. Can they protect the planet from evil?

Who are the characters?

Knights Chronicle rebecca

To start the game, you have to collect some characters in the game to have a perfect squad. Currently, the game has 10 characters and will be updated soon incoming updates. Each character has a different power and skill to choose the most suitable person. They are:

  • Lydia: A smart, beautiful girl capable of the prophecy of the future and fate. She lives in Hokhma village. But her future visibility is limited. She believes that Osiris’s power is not enough to protect everyone’s safety, so she joins Theo’s squad.
  • Damian: He was the son of a duke and leader of the White Knights of the Kingdom of Heldrea. Owning good looks and fighting skills than ordinary people, he always protects justice, ready to face danger. After cleaning up Hell, he rescues Sinclair and persuades him to join the White Knight.
  • Sinclair: A mercenary living in Hell. He later joined the White Knight and became an elite member.
Knights Chronicle characters
  • Rebecca: Another member of the White Knight. She came from a farmer and went through all levels of training to become one of the best. She was responsible for the trading and diplomatic affairs of the kingdom of Heldrea.
  • Marduk: He was a foreigner, but he became a knight by being able to serve the kingdom loyally and devotedly. He always helps people around and is a reliable person of the team.
  • Ramu: She was illegally born in a baron’s family and was estranged from everyone. In the face of loneliness, she diligently practised and honed her fighting skills. She does not talk much and very close to Marduk.
  • Nemesis: A Dark Knight, the highest rank of knights. She is very good at fighting and has a special instinct to lead her to victory, but she is always lazy in learning strategies.
  • Theo: As a child, Theo lost his parents when attacked by monsters, then the villagers dismissed him and called him “cursed child.” Now he returns to Esod to protect it from the monster but the village chases him away again.
  • Leona: A mischievous witch always eats. She likes to travel everywhere and help people.
Knights Chronicle character

The characters in the game are divided into four levels SSR, SR, R, C respectively with Super Special Rare, Super rare, Rare and Normal. You can pick up any SR character after completing the first 8 missions of the game, and many more opportunities to unlock more characters when participating in the mode. Do not forget to upgrade your character strength and equip powerful items for them.

A team of Knights Chronicle includes 5 characters. In my opinion, each character should have a Support character that has the role of buff mana and HP for other characters. Your layout and choices create different tactics, you can learn or find the best tactics.

Join the adventure

Adventure mode is divided into three levels: Easy, Normal and Difficult. The journey begins at the Esod Forest and ends after you finish Sorette’s Garden. After completing the two phases of Adventure mode, you will be joined Dungeons and some other Hard Mode. A lot of attractive prizes await you.

Knights Chronicle story

If you like challenges, join the PvP arena, where you have to fight with other players to compete for rankings in the global rankings. Try your best, calculating the right tactics is the way to win any opponent.

Graphics and sound

Knights Chronicle gameplay

Knights Chronicle has animated graphics with cute Anime style. Character creation is very beautiful and attractive, so you can play the game for a long time. According to my review, the game has quite high graphics compared to the standard of a mobile strategy game. Also, the sound is very impressive, the characters are voiced by famous actors in Japan, promising to bring you an exciting game.

The game constantly updates the events that come with interesting presents. Don’t forget to receive Leona’s gift at the corner of the screen every day.

Download Knights Chronicle APK for Android

I really like this game. Now is the time to download the game and experience it. Knights Chronicle supports Android 4.1+ devices and iOS 7.0+ devices. We recommend using high-end devices to experience the best game experience.

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