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Knighthood APK + MOD (Unlimited Skills, One Hit) v1.14.3

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Package Namecom.king.knightsrage
PublisherMidoki Roleplaying Games
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Skills, One Hit
RequiresAndroid 5.0

Knighthood MOD APK for Android is an outstanding role-playing game on Google Play for warriors who love to conquer and adventure. Download this game and the MOD version via the links below this article.

Introduce about Knighthood

When mentioning King, you can think of the most popular puzzle game series in the world, Candy Crush Saga. However, did you ever think, what would an immersive game developed by King be like? I don’t really know either. I downloaded this game and I first experienced it, and what I thought in my mind right now was that King really knew how to surprise their players. It is well built on all three aspects, including graphics, plot, and gameplay. Specifically, follow the next section of the article to know more information.


Astellan is a peaceful land, once protected by the Range Knight. But not long, when Lord Karnon rose after thousands of years locked in a dungeon, he destroyed the lives of the people here and made the guard soldiers corrupted.


In this thrilling turn-based action-adventure game, a hero with a powerful gauntlet will save his kingdom from falling into chaos. Therefore, your first task is to become an upright Rage Knight to prove that you can assume the responsibility. Pick up and master the weapons to ready for this task.

You will fight across fields, villages, and temples, facing goblins, wolves and even bears. And that was just before you left your hometown Astellan to confront the undead warriors and some things worse.

After launching enough attacks, you can summon a pair of heroes to ask them to help you with your own special power. They can even make a heavier attack if you wait until your indignation is at its maximum. For example, the skilled archer Ash with the ability of Rain of Fire will burn a group of enemies and reduce their vitality in 3 turns. The lce Needles of Grimm can freeze enemies on the spot. Or more simply, you just need to rely on the terrifying power of the brutal Halmar baton. Such processes will throughout the story. Difficulties will gradually increase and you need to find a way to increase your strength to overcome challenges. If you sometimes need help from someone, don’t forget that you still have Mr. Drakeson, your master and guide for you from the first scenes.


The map is designed like the puzzles in Candy Crush Saga. You have to defeat each enemy group, in turn, to unlock for the next part of the journey. The first part talks about the beginning of the Range Knight, with the help of Mr. Drakeson. Next is Seacroft, which provides the necessary equipment for the endless journey ahead.


Each hero and weapon is effective against a certain type of enemy. So each battle will become a strategic battle. Do you want to finish a zombie who was falling behind or take away the enemy’s protective shields so they could no longer shield from your next attack? Will you unleash the ultimate finisher chain to increase damage or summon allies to heal? The beautiful stylized cartoon images will take you into the vivid world, full of characters and interesting slow-motion scenes to make your attack more flashy.


This is an indispensable element in any role-playing game. And Knighthood is no exception. You can upgrade your equipment so that your hero becomes stronger. While the monsters are constantly becoming more aggressive and powerful, you also need to develop your ability to not be defeated on the battlefield. Currently, there are parts of heroes that can be upgraded include the body, the arms, the arms, the cape, the shoulder armor, the legs, and the gloves. At the first level, they only require gold coins. But to a certain critical level, you will have to use rubies – the advanced currency to perform the upgrade.


There are two things to say about the graphics of Knighthood. Firstly, they are designed to be optimized and work smoothly on many devices, including low-profile phones. The graphics technology that King uses in their games is highly compatible, the actions and effects work well. Secondly, beautiful graphics, animated design, with bright colors. If I can grade, I would give it 5/5 maximum marks.

MOD APK version of Knighthood

MOD features

  • Unlimited Skills
  • One Hit

Download Knighthood APK & MOD for Android

With hunting missions, joining the arena with other players and the command of a clan, Knighthood is a monumental adventure not to be missed. Please download the game via the link below this article.

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  • jamescleggard avatar

    Excellent news on the possible mod, have you managed to one working?

    • jshaner12367 avatar
      D-Fins Rider

      Any way you could mod this game? Bennett playing last two weeks and am in love with this game. Would love to have mods.

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