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Jurassic Park Builder (MOD Free Shopping) – Do you still remember the movie Jurassic Park that broke the cinemas in the past? Indeed, the theme of dinosaurs always stimulates curiosity and endless inspiration for people. Catching that mentality, based on the same name movie, Lucia has released an extremely interesting simulation game. It’s Jurassic Park Builder, where you build the world’s largest dinosaur park.

Building your Jurassic park

When joining Jurassic Park Builder, you will build a completely new park. Unlike parks with ordinary animals like tigers, lions or monkeys, here, your park has a lot of dinosaurs. You start from discovering the amber tablets containing dinosaur DNA. Then with the help of a doctor, you will split and transform DNA into dinosaur eggs. Waiting for them to hatch, place your dinosaurs depending on their habitat. It could be underground, in an aquarium, or in a glacier, …

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Each species will need different amounts and types of food. Make sure you have enough food to feed them naturally. Dinosaurs can eat meat, fish, seafood, … depending on the process of growing up. Seeing the rare dinosaurs grow up, you will be very happy. At that time, you will own a unique park in the world with these prehistoric creatures. If you love games about dinosaurs, you can try Jurassic World Alive.

Park development

As a park management simulation game, you’ll have plenty of work in Jurassic Park Builder to build your park. Besides mainly nurturing giant dinosaurs, you have many other things to build.

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Your park is very crowded if you have other recreational facilities to serve. It could be a museum, a restaurant, a hotel or an amusement park, … Let visitors experience on the wonderful roads that lead them to a completely different world. The world combines prehistoric times and modern times. Do you believe in that?

Journey in Jurassic Park Builder

When playing Jurassic Park Builder, you will have a great adventure in the prehistoric world. Raising giant dinosaurs has also cost you quite a bit of time. Not to mention that many other constructions need to be built on the principle of both profit and investment. Thus, it will be a long process. Moreover, to experience more features, you will need more factors. For example, the “Code Red” mini-game mode allows you to optimize profits and prevent dinosaurs from destroying the island. To use it, you must feed at least 5 mature carnivorous dinosaurs.

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In addition, there are some other required features such as:

  • To build an aquarium to discover many new species, you need to reach level 10.
  • To build a glacier park, you must reach level 20.

It can be said that your journey will be extremely long. Accompanying you is 2 familiar doctors in Jurassic Park movie. That’s Dr Ian Malcolm and Dr John Hammond. They will assign many tasks for you.

Great features

To talk about the great things in Jurassic Park Builder, the variety of organisms, especially dinosaurs. There are many dinosaurs with 44 common dinosaurs and 43 dinosaurs from the Glacial period. There are mammoths! In addition, there are countless sea creatures from ancient times for you to collect and explore.

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Besides, you can play games with your Facebook friends and many others. Jurassic Park Builder has integrated social features like help, making friends, or giving gifts to friends. From that, you can share the joy with many others. More specifically, the visual and sound effects are great. With 3-dimensional animation along with the articulation of sound, the world of prehistoric creatures is realistically simulated.


What is more wonderful than just becoming an exemplary entrepreneur, enjoying pleasure with an endless passion for the dinosaur world? Discovering the mysterious and strange world of dinosaurs, you will also learn more about the origin of humans, the origin of life on Earth. Is that really interesting? If you are passionate about archeology or are interested in exploring reptilian king stories, download Jurassic Park Builder now to your phone.

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  • Jurassic Park Builder for Android APK - v4.9.0
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