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NameJune’s Journey
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When I have time to relax and look for a game that is not too stressful but still full of cute little challenges, I often come to an object-finding game. This time, the journey to find things seems more intense and includes a delightful story. Well, I’m talking about June’s Journey, one of the highly rated finding games on Google Play.

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Introduce about June’s Journey

Are you ready for the journey of a lifetime?


For me, June’s Journey is more like a detective movie. Through successive progressions and quests, you, as a girl named Junes, will uncover the secret of your life, and discover hidden clues from objects, characters you meet on the planet. From here, you can find the answer to a cruel murder in a family that is thought to be peaceful but deep inside is full of turbulence.

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June is a detective. One day she is invited to a mysterious, luxurious mansion filled with romantic scenes. Here she is given the task to find out the truth of a mysterious murder, for which the prize is up to millions of dollars. As she delves deeper into the journey, June realizes that this is the most complicated case in the prestigious elite she has ever been involved in. But they are always people who value reputation. So, every step of June’s investigation must be incredibly careful, sophisticated, and discreet. Not only carefully consider each thing around the scene, around the mysterious mansion, but you also need to exploit all the relationships with people appearing in the nearby area.

The later it gets, the more complicated, confusing, and stressful the progress becomes. You keep receiving letters in your inbox. The puzzle pieces begin to overflow with anxious messages, the proof may not be the real proof, and the witness is not the right witness. There is always a lie in all. June’s journey to find the truth is fraught with difficulties and dangers.


Use a magnifying glass to examine every detail, wander around a garden just to find a trace of a lost object, meet and interrogate everyone who may become a suspect. Everything a detective does, you will have the opportunity to experience in June’s Journey. The desired outcome of the investigation will be the link stringing events, clues, people together. Then you can find out the true truth of the killer and bring him to face the law. The worst result is to miss important clues, go the wrong way, find the wrong object and you yourself also have to face death because of being killed by the villain. The path to each end is both long and short. Just missing a small detail, you can repeatedly make chain mistakes and lead to tragic results.

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So, playing June’s Journey, don’t underestimate any level, even the first ones. For example, the first few scenes are the garden campus, where there are many objects. You have to find enough according to the requirements of the game. Just search and keep in mind, because maybe later, this is the first crime scene, where you will accidentally discover an item that seems to be in the wrong position. Every detail is worth paying attention to.

Attractive scenery and a series of quests

June’s Journey will take you through many heartbreaking scenes of 1920s Paris, the era of modern aristocrats and legends.

Although the mission is for finding objects, June’s Journey offers many quests, which will continuously give you surprises in diverse ways. Sometimes find hidden objects, sometimes solve jigsaw puzzles, or sometimes find clues to a case. You never have a second to be bored, your mind is constantly bewildered by the ingenious “hidden” displays of objects.

Reasonable and sophisticated arrangement

My first impression was about the layout of the button positions and features, very intuitive and easy to control. Everything on the screen is beautiful and reasonable. I didn’t need to think or encounter any obstacles in the manipulation. All my mind was ready to go to find things and think of the facts. Good object finding game should be like this.

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For example, you will be taken to another scene in the mansion by touching the directional arrows. If you want to talk to someone, just touch the person to interact with, and so are the objects. Then, if you want to open the door to the next room, just touch the lock on the door. Don’t worry too much about getting lost as June’s Journey will occasionally give hints in the shape of a twinkling star, signaling that in this scene you’ll find important evidence or a clue to the answer.

MOD APK version of June’s Journey

MOD feature

Unlimited Money


Money increase when you spend.

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Finding objects game combined with puzzles on the background of a mysterious detective story. Too many emotions will come to you. Concentrate 200% while playing this game and use your brain as much as you can.

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