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Jade Dynasty APK is the famous MMORPG game on mobile. The story revolves around the swordplay topic, and the gameplay is classic but has many more new highlights. Have you ever played Jade Dynasty? Let’s learn about Jade Dynasty in the mobile version.

Introduce about Jade Dynasty

Legendary swordplay game!

It took a lot of time to prepare and produce for this game before it was officially released. When you see the first images of the game, you will immediately understand why it is so wonderful. It has a long story with many events, rich character lines, graphics using Unity 5 technology for wide viewing angles, perfect shading, and excellent lighting effects.

Not to mention a series of thrilling points in the gameplay.


Jade Dynasty is about the adventures of multi-partisan heroes in a magical fairy tale world. The majestic capital Yangcheng was where most of the battles took place. It is also the residence of many parties and races. They were divided into groups living in many different small territories with thousands of secrets buried deep from the past. An unexpected event brought everyone together, drawing them all to the Edge of Immortality, the pinnacle of the world where the strongest warriors would meet and fight for their sides.

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Covering this world of swordplay is the epic PvP battle screens. These are so fairy. They are not only between the heroes of each faction, but also between the strong, powerful pets and a series of aerial battles. 

If Minecraft puts you in a modern open world where you are free to build everything for yourself, including enemies. Then Jade Dynasty brings a strange theory called a multi-world collision. Collisions that take place during combat will inadvertently create a link between the worlds and send the player to a new location. This has been the home for thousands of years of the most terrible monsters of legend. And to win them, the player must make a series of combinations to summon superior spells.

The character classes are not many but so clear

The role-playing element in Jade Dynasty, in my opinion, is at a respectable level. You can choose and even customize one of the character classes: Master Pen, Falun, Divine Power, and Swordsman. Each character class has different strengths and advantages. Depending on the purpose and fighting style, you choose the class that suits you. In which:

  • Swordsman: The main weapons are Knives, Swords. This is the strongest class. This class attacks quickly and destroys neatly, and can explode violently when cornered. In a critical situation, one can fight 10. The highest power lies in the stormy, powerful sword techniques of the world. However, the remaining attributes of Swordsman are all quite weak, especially low health and long cooldown.
  • Master Pen: The main weapon is the God Pen. This is the character capable of controlling everything and planning an attack strategy for the whole team. The Master Pen has a lot of health, capable of resisting the strong attacks of the enemy. This class’s special moves are about magic for army arrangement. These arranged battlefields have the effect of besieging, blocking the opponent, and creating an effective barrier for the whole group. Another bright point of the Master Pen is that they often possess a magical and shimmering beauty that women love very much. The downside is that the combat ability is not high.
  • Falun: The main weapon is the powerful Mani wheel praying. This character can control enemies from afar and is adept at the Dharma. Great moves are lightning penetration and high resistance to enemies. The advantage is strong and flexible on the battlefield, but in return, Falun has less health and also needs a long cooldown.
  • Divine Power: The main weapon is the powerful double attack. This class can unleash moves and fatal punches quickly at the enemy’s weak points. This character is fast, also highly flexible, especially when launching attacks in many different directions at the same time, but the weakness is that the destructive power of the kicks is not very high (lower than Swordsman and Falun). It is the only class that can increase attributes in many different directions during the game. It has some special moves, and the class’s weakness is that the character is not good at magic and defense.
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In addition to the above basic classes, in the latest update, Jade Dynasty also added 3 new classes:

  • Ice: This character is famous for his cold personality and nerves of steel. Iceman lives in the permafrost regions of the world and the body also changes to adapt to the environment. Weapons are sharp shards of ice. The ultimate is Ice move, which can make any opponent freeze in fear. The advantage is fast attack without mercy and superior combat skills. The downside is less defense and less health.
  • Arden: Arden often hides in the jungles for thousands of years, worshiping the God Fox. Those who are unfortunate enough to step into their shelter will be mercilessly attacked with thousands of sharp arrows. Arden is agile, strong, and has always been the best archer. Weaknesses are very limited magic abilities and poor melee.
  • Shadow: the main weapon is sealing magic that weakens the opponent. Shadow does not appear clearly on the battlefield but often lurks somewhere to support and be a safe rear for his teammates. Shadow also has the unique ability: be able to see in the dark, detect enemy weaknesses and notify the whole team to conduct appropriate combat.

Each class in Jade Dynasty is extremely well-organized, deep, and clearly characterized, but Jade Dynasty also has many more qualities to deserve to be a hot classic MMORPG. Such as online multiplayer, massive Pvp epic battles, elaborate and complex army arrangements, clan formation, enhancement and upgrade system, special events, and the emotional relationships of the heroes, the satisfying endings with the marriages of the heroes… All create the most epic on mobile today.

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The cast of summoned beasts brings many surprises during the game

Not only possessing magic, weapons, and extraordinary skills, the heroes in various classes also have summoned beasts or magical beasts as loyal allies. You will not suddenly have a summoned beast in your hand. Before that, you have to use your strength to tame them. Slowly build a strong bond with them, so they can accompany you and become stronger and stronger in your battles.

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It is such a mobile game with a beautiful fairy tale theme. It is very addictive. If you love this topic, I am sure that you can’t take your eyes off of it for half a minute.

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