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Imposter Smashers MOD APK (Unlimited Gold, Unlocked Skins, No Ads) v1.0.44

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NameImposter Smashers
Package Namecom.casual.impostor.smasher
PublisherRocket Game Studio
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Gold, Unlocked Skins, No Ads
RequiresAndroid 4.4
Can play offline

Still enjoy the game Among Us but are you tired of lying too much? Let’s play Imposter Smashers MOD APK, a game inspired by Among Us but with completely new and attractive gameplay.

Introduce about Imposter Smashers

Be the last Imposter survival on the spaceship!

Background and mission

Imposter Smashers is an action game developed by the publisher OneSoft Global, which is inspired by Among Us. But this game just inspired graphics and style of expression, the gameplay and the goals of the character are very different and simpler than Among Us. When playing this game, you only need to do one thing: use your weapon to kill all the crew in the scene. If you kill someone, you will absorb that person’s power, to become bigger, taller, and more muscular. The taller you are, the greater your ability to kill and smash your “teammates”. You will try to be the only living and extremely strong person on the spaceship.

The only enemies that you have to watch out for in Imposter Smashers are the other Imposters, who are also having the same goal of killing everyone, including you. Stay away from them, don’t choose confrontation if you don’t want to lose your life. The thing that helps you distinguish between the crew and other Imposters is the weapon. The imposter always has a weapon, and the crew is not.


You can play this game Online or Offline. If you play Online, remember to watch out for the other Imposters, these guys have the same goal as you and are always waiting to kill you when the opportunity arises. And remember that once you’ve been slashed, you’ll lose right away, not the kind of slowly zoom out like in Mario games.

The main operation when playing the game is just pressing and holding your finger on the screen to move the character. Get close to the target and attack quickly, especially for impostors like you, you should move from the back to slash and kill, if you go around the front, you may have a very high risk of getting killed.

I appreciate the novel idea: killing people to become more powerful

The idea of ​​killing someone, then using that person’s power to become bigger, in my opinion, is very interesting. So when playing Online for a while, you will see the battlefield swarming with different types of Imposter sizes. To be honest, being too big is also very detrimental because it is easy to be killed and easy to be noticed in the crowd. Playing offline is more comfortable, you can be as big as you want, as long as you can kill the other crews.

Upgrade mode

You can choose to transform into different Imposters with unique abilities and weapons: Hunter, Assassin, Captain, Trapper, Sword, Gunner… Each character will have their own weapon development and quantity unlimited items through levels. In the game, there will sometimes appear many gold coins. Don’t skip it, just collect it all. The more you collect, the more diverse the upgrade opportunities are.

There are 4 things you can upgrade in Imposter Smashers: Hat, Skin, Pet, and Skill. Win as much as you can to get as many gold coins as possible, then use this money to buy items. Hats, Skins, and Pets are cool decorations, while Skills are used to upgrade weapons.


According to the graphic style and context in Among Us, so you will find everything in Imposter Smashers very familiar. There are still astronauts wearing different colors, with unknown faces and lovely toned looks. The bloody scene here is also shown as very humorous. Perhaps it is because of this “friendly violence” element that there have been a lot of mobile games based on the idea of ​​Among Us. Players can show their sensitivity, freely kill, and still not feel obsessive or too frustrated like many other action games.

Cheerful colors, funny rhythmic movements, cute characters with unknown emotions, gore scenes are nothing to fear when playing.

MOD APK version of Imposter Smashers

MOD features

  • Unlimited Gold
  • Unlocked All Skins
  • No Ads

Download Imposter Smashers APK & MOD for Android

Imposter Smashers is a purely entertaining io game. It is very easy to play and very comfortable, with almost no stress like you’ve seen in Among Us even though all images are inspired by this famous game.

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