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NameIdle Restaurant Tycoon
Package Namecom.kolibrigames.idlerestauranttycoon
PublisherKolibri Games
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
RequiresAndroid 5.0

Idle Restaurant Tycoon MOD APK is a restaurant simulation game from the publisher Kolibri Games (Germany). In the game you play as a restaurant owner and do everything from A to Z to successfully build and manage a trusted restaurant.

Introduce about Idle Restaurant Tycoon

Become a high-class restaurant owner!

You have an endless passion for food? You are dreaming learn to cook, learn to manage, and open your own restaurant, making it a place that everyone wants once to enjoy meals? I think dreaming does not cost money, but to really pursue it you will need many things: passion, finance, a boost in life, premises, popularity …

And today I bring the first boost in your life. Try playing the game Idle Restaurant Tycoon and tell me how excited you are after playing.

Gameplay is easy to play, easy to do, and very gentle

Idle Restaurant Tycoon starts with a series of introductions that introduce you to a busy green residential area where you have a beautiful little restaurant next to the trees. You “get” the first few guests.

Having a guest means having money, you will quickly use that modest money to quickly hire a chef for a meager remuneration. You constantly must think about the amount of money you have, balanced with the amount of money you hire for restaurant waiters. Because, if you do not have the salary to pay the employees, after only a second, they will leave, not negotiating a word like in real life.

Actually, it’s a bit paradoxical. In real life, most restaurant owners build restaurants, hire entire crew to get ready before they dare to open their business. Who is lucky, after only a month or a few months, sales have flourished. The unlucky people suffer loss of revenue or even bankruptcy. Perhaps, the game does so to keep us more motivated.

Next, you need to find ways to increase the quality of service and food, to “raise” money from customers. For example, making more luxurious chairs, making some special tables with nice views, adjusting restroom, adding a bar … The restaurant already has its own area, but currently only empty rooms. Your task is to make money slowly to fill these rooms, according to the function of each room. Every upgrade or build will cost money. But in return, customers like more and will agree to pay more for each meal.

Bring reality into the game, making you think like a real restaurant owner

The foregoing will only help you maintain your restaurant in a stable operation. You will have to use “tricks” to promote your restaurant, make it famous, as many people know as possible. At this point, the game will give you some suggestions for marketing strategies corresponding to your budget such as advertising through newspapers, advertising online, distributing leaflets … Your job is to consider in the present time, with the size of the restaurant and the number of guests, which is the best way, which is the most economical way.

Along the way, the game will give you some special missions. For example, serving a VIP customer, urgently modifying a special room in the restaurant… If you complete the mission, you will be rewarded with money or items. In some cases, you may even get to choose one of the valuable rewards.

Expand your restaurant empire, but also take note

At some point, your restaurant will be filled with customers. You will have to think about building a restaurant chain instead of just one. And with any new location open, management goes on in the same way you opened your first restaurant.

But remember, the higher you climb, the louder the wind. No matter how much your business model expands, never forget the core of a powerful restaurant empire is:

  • Good food (good chef)
  • Good service (excellent service and staff)
  • Effective marketing campaign

Every restaurant must have all of these elements. As long as you ignore one detail, instantly the domino effect will be able to come and destroy the entire chain of restaurants you have built.

Here are some summaries of me after a day of playing

First, you don’t have to hire the best. Depending on the budget, affordability, and the size of the restaurant, hire the right person. Finding the best people, high salaries at the wrong time, only makes the business stagnant and leads to many bad consequences.

Choosing a location in a residential area to open a restaurant is extremely important. A secluded corner, or a place on the opposite side of the street, isn’t ideal for a restaurant. During running your first restaurant, you need to track the number of visitors to get some ideas for your next restaurant.

There is no need to constantly manage, promote, upgrade, build and then continue manage. Idle Restaurant Tycoon allows you to take a reasonable break, to give yourself time to think, relax, reminisce on your moves before and in the future, to continue playing more effectively. In general, if you feel tired, take a break, go around the residential area to relax and then continue working.

And just one last point from me: customer satisfaction is everything. Like the saying “customer is god”. You need to always keep in mind the key to every success in the restaurant industry is the diners. Satisfying them with tasty food, good service is always at the heart of the business. Do not be engrossed in expanding, advertising, and making money but forget to maintain and upgrade your core services.

MOD APK version of Idle Restaurant Tycoon

MOD feature

Unlimited Money: Your money cannot be decreases as you use it.

Download Idle Restaurant Tycoon MOD APK for Android

Idle Restaurant Tycoon is fast, light, fun, and highly relaxing. Plus, cute images, suitable for both kids and adults. If you want to know what’s more interesting about this game, please download the game right away via the links below to enjoy.

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