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NameIdle Human
Package Namecom.idle.idleHuman
PublisherGreen Panda Games
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Diamonds
RequiresAndroid 4.4

Idle games require you to run and grow a business, but have you ever heard of idle games that allow you to create a human body? And do you know how a human body creates? When playing Idle Human MOD APK (Unlimited Diamonds), you will learn how a human body works. Even if you are not a doctor or have a lot of anatomy knowledge, you can create a human body from the smallest level, which is the first cell.

About Idle Human

With a very new and unique theme, the idle game of the publisher Green Panda Games quickly attracted millions of players after only a few weeks of launch. They are publishers specializing in producing idle games with extremely interesting gameplay. Bee Factory is one of the Green Panda games I have introduced to you in previous articles. In Idle Human, you will learn how a human body is formed, bone structures, circulatory system, respiratory system, nervous system, digestive system. Do not take your time anymore, let’s find out some information about this game right now.

Create lots of cells

If you are a gym boss in Idle Fitness Gym Tycoon, then in Idle Human, you are a doctor with the role of researching and creating a complete human body. The common point of idle games is that they all have simple gameplay, helping players easily access and master the features of the game. This game is no exception.

The game gives you a list of body parts that need to be completed, and your task is to find lots of cells to create parts such as bones, circulatory systems, muscles. In fact, there is no mandatory process. You can make a lung before the hand bone is formed, that doesn’t matter. No matter what part you create first, the ultimate goal is to create a complete human body.

On your screen are a rotating human body and a list of parts to be completed. The number of cells is shown at the top of the screen. It continuously increases every second. You can touch the cell icon on the right to create more cells immediately.

Complete human body

At the bottom of the screen, Idle Human provides you with a list of parts that you can create. The game divides the human body into four parts, bones, organs, control centers, protection. Some parts are unlocked when you finish some other parts. For example, the brain will automatically be unlocked when you upgrade your heart to level 2500 and liver at level 1000.

Cells are constantly being made, even when you are sleeping. The same is true for this game. Because Idle Human is an idle game, the number of cells is automatically generated even when you are offline. After asleep, you will receive a large number of cells to upgrade parts of the human body. Besides, you can increase the number of cells received when offline in Upgrade.


This game is really suitable for those who dream of becoming a doctor. Sharp 3D graphics, realistic human body simulations help you have the clearest view of a human body. You can see people’s organs, bones, organs from many different angles.

Interesting knowledge about the human body

“A man named Charles Osborne hiccups continuously for a total of 68 years.” “Teeth are the only part of the human body that are unable to heal themselves.” “Human skulls are made up of 29 different bones.” Are there some tips when playing this game? Actually no. Here is some information “you may not know” about the human body that Idle Human provides to the player. This information is displayed below the number of cells, and it is constantly being changed after a few seconds. What information do you like best? Please leave your comment below the article!

Many different body types

After completing the body of a man, you can unlock some other bodies such as a woman’s body, zombies, aliens. Although we do not know the structure of an alien body, according to the game’s information, they still have enough organs like a human, such as the heart, liver, lungs, bones, … Only, for one thing, they are green with a bizarre appearance, which we often see in aliens movies.

MOD APK version of Idle Human

To have several billion cells, you need to wait a long time, upgrade and click many times. Diamond is the premium currency of the game. Using diamonds helps you buy cells quickly.

MOD feature

Unlimited Diamonds: When using our MOD version, you will have infinite diamonds. For the fastest and largest number of cells, buy a 50T cell pack with 2000 diamonds.

Download Idle Human MOD APK for Android

More than just a game, Idle Human is like a biology class where you can learn a lot of useful knowledge about the human body and related information. If you are curious about how the human body is formed and constructed, but the knowledge in the book is too boring and dry, try to take the time and create a complete human body in this interesting idle game.

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