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NameIdle Angels
Package Namecom.mujoysg.hxbb
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RequiresAndroid 5.0

Idle Angels MOD APK is a turn-based card collection game from the publisher MUJOY. Your task is to find, recruit and upgrade talented characters to build an invincible army.

Introduce about Idle Angels

Are you free? Let’s Join my angel team!

A true Idle card game

Are you a fan of the idle game genre which you can play anytime even when offline? Are you also a fan of games with sexy, personality characters? Well. If yes, I highly suggest that you download this Idle Angels game to play, at least once. I believe sometimes you may even get addicted to it as the images are so attractive that it’s hard to take your eyes off. Hehe.

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Your task is to find, recruit and upgrade and train each female general to build an invincible army. Of course, to do that, just like some old swordplay movies or about modern-day robberies, you must know each of your female generals in minute detail. That means you have gone through the process of research and careful selection to choose talented people, give them the right weapons and skills to develop together in your army.

Fortunately, Idle Angels is based on a fully automatic combat mechanism. Even when you are busy doing other things, the female generals who have joined the army continue to fight as normal and bring back gold and exp points for you.  When you are offline, they still level up (slowly) and collect all the equipment, weapons, and skills for the character. So, you will have time to fully focus on strategy and decision making.

Game modes in Idle Angels

As having “idle mechanism” as above, Idle Angels focuses a lot on game modes: Idle mode, Fighting system, Adventure tasks, Angel collecting, Training & Awakening! Depending on your preferences and convenience, you are free to choose the game mode to your liking. Prominent among them (and in my opinion are also the 3 most invested game modes) are:

  • Idle mode: automatically fighting to climb on the rank for anyone who is often offline but still wants to keep leveling up as usual. In this copy section, you can move on the map and go all over the world with no limits.
  • Fighting system: if you like a duel, just come here, collect generals and fight with others.
  • Adventure tasks: for those who like to be gentle and socialize with friends everywhere. You are supported by a chat room to freely exchange with other players here.
Idle Angels MOD APK download 1440x810

All scenes in Idle Angels are designed on a vertical screen for you to even play with one hand. The games of this genre are very diverse and quite difficult to understand. Each card is a pile of things to discuss, and moreover, the game has so many characters and each character has a series of cards to go with. But don’t be worried, in multiplayer mode, you can freely discuss whatever you want with your friend in the Chat Room.

Suffocating sexy 2D graphics and addictive sound effects

Notably, Idle Angels has extremely sharp graphics. In the game, all the characters are female generals, who are extremely sexy and good at fighting. I am sure that you just need to look at the sexy and beautiful characters, you may not stand still, even though this game only uses 2D graphics from beginning to end. It is known that the visual of Idle Angels is designed based on the Korean Manhwa animation style combined with Japanese Manga. So, our ladies have super eye-catching appearances, sexy bodies, and mettle. They are arrogant, gorgeous, and also very melodious.

Idle Angels MOD by APKMODY 1440x810

The visual effects are also very vivid and colorful, especially in the skill demonstrations. Each character has a unique color and a separate skill based on the zodiac that the female general is representing. The effects of vibration, collision, explosion, and shock are all done very carefully and well. In general, it is beautiful, fresh, eye-catching, extremely detailed, and smooth even though it’s just 2D.

MOD APK version of Idle Angels

MOD feature

Free Ads: You can open gift without watching ads video.

Download Idle Angels MOD APK for Android

This cards collection game is so sexy and burning eyes. With each female angel is a story and a different battle. When combined, they will create eye-catching fights again bosses, which I’m sure will brighten up your phone. It is the most leisurely game I’ve ever played, but the gameplay is also quite interesting. Such a good game for you to kill time and have good entertainment. It can also rank up normally even when you do nothing. You can especially play it just with one hand. So easy and interesting, right?

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    Please update the mod to v4.9.0.011702.

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