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NameGoing Deeper!
Package Namecom.kirill_skibin.going_deeper
MOD FeaturesUnlocked
RequiresAndroid 5.0

Going Deeper! MOD APK is a construction management simulation strategy game from the publisher kreason. Your task in the game is to expand and protect the right to exploit resources on your colonial land.

Introduce about Going Deeper!

Mine resources, manage and build your colony.

Going to exploit resources in a new land, do you think things are so simple?

This is literally the capitalist’s game. You are the one who goes to exploit the resources in your rich colonies.

Going Deeper!’s world has 6 layers: the surface (which is the first scene that we see on this screenshot, where everything is still normal) and five layers underground. These layers are connected to each other by tunnels (which are dark brown squares measuring 2×2).

The general rule, of course, is that the deeper you go, the more resources you can mine and the more tunneling it will take to get inside. Once you have built a large number of paths, you will find the parts below this colony extremely rich, full of minerals and gifts from nature. Sometimes it’s right in front of you, and so much so that you’re confused as to where to start.

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So, although the gameplay is only encapsulated in two words “resource extraction”, you still have 1001 things to do, for example, protect the miner from enemies (humans and monsters), planning, find their way to mineral resources horizontally and in depth intelligently, develop technology, manage people to work most efficiently. You understand why Going Deeper! is very confusing and attractive yet?

The game will begin with collecting equipment for mining. In other games, you can relax a bit in the first few scenes. Then with this type of mining and construction simulation strategy game, idle is death. The first step is always the most important step, decisive for all future possibilities.

First of all, I should talk about miners

Initially you only have 5 miners working for you. Not much compared to a large, fertile land. But don’t worry, just focus on doing your current job well, the number of workers after each successful exploitation will slowly increase.

Guide, mobilize and allocate forces appropriately, intelligently will increase your wealth, both in terms of human strength and property. But an important note here is that these workers all have different personalities and abilities. For example, if Knob is good at cutting trees and gathering firewood, he’ll be more involved in tunnel construction. Giving the wrong task to the wrong person, you also know the consequences.

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In addition, you should have a development plan for each worker. Some might become good warriors in the future, some should become professional craftsmen, and the rest should just be diggers. The secret for you is to read carefully the description of each person’s hobbies and strength indicators.

Now let’s talk about the enemy and the military side

As I said earlier, the game does not let you freely explore and then comfortably get resources from the ground. Going to a strange land, when I was still wondering, order people to do this and that, a bunch of thieves appeared and stole some things. I have to divided people to protect my resources and mines.

Then, before the peace returned, I heard that some workers were starving. I had to hurry to find water and food sources. My workers were just about to regain strength, a horrible goblin appeared. I have to put all my strength into destroying it so that I can go on. The deeper you go, the more you have to pay attention to the organization of the army to strengthen your empire slowly. The strategy is to divide tasks, ranks and arrange in defense and combat squads. The miners will be the core in the middle, you have to protect them if you want more resources.

Whether this land becomes a rich place or not, depends on your ingenuity

The colony you are mining is also not a completely isolated land from the outside. There will be certain trades with a degree and frequency that gradually increase in proportion to your growth. Every two years, merchants visit new lands. They bring a product that you may need or will need in the future.

But with the available resources, are you willing to trade for this item? Only you can answer, depending on the situation and what you need to develop your land. But roughly, the game features exchange and trade. Some roads are also developed in the future, making it easier for you to trade with other lands.

The peak of success in the game is when you exploit a lot of resources. Turn a desolate colony (but rich in resources) into a safe, desirable migratory land for everyone, transform yourself from an ordinary person into a talented and powerful landlord of the whole land.

Gameplay, graphics and sound

Going Deeper!’s gameplay is pretty simple. Tap the character selection screen and tap and another point to move them there. On the right is the function menu including Orders, Builds, Zones, Colony, Military. Each item shows what you currently have, and which parts need to be unlocked in the future. This can also be viewed as the target table for your entire colony mining.

Cute 2D graphics, deep colors, detailed lines. The game is designed with a horizontal screen so that players can easily see all their colonies. The vast land is rich with many different types of minerals that I am sure you will be overwhelmed when you start playing.

Going Deeper MOD by APKMODY 1440x799

The characters are also quite cute. They are just modeled like children’s playdough. But they also wear different shirts depending on the job, and also have names on the head to help you easily manage. Simple character creation, easy movement is the strength of the character part in Going Deeper!.

The sound is gentle, quite relaxing, suitable for the high concentration of someone who is going to exploit the colony.

MOD APK version of Going Deeper!

MOD feature

Unlocked Sanbox

Download Going Deeper! MOD APK for Android

Being a capitalist is not easy, right? The game is beautiful, cool, requires excellent strategy, playing is quite brain damage but anyone who loves this genre will not be able to stop. Now, let’s download Going Deeper! and play.

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