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Summary about Gardius Empire 3.2.3 APK

NameGardius Empire
Latest Version3.2.3
MOD Features: No
PlatformsAndroid 4.4, iOS 9.3


Gamevil is one of the most famous publishers based in Korea. They have launched a lot of games with a variety of genres, but most of all their forte is RPGs with immersive 3D graphics based on Unreal Engine. Recently, the launch of Gardius Empire has been a lot of people mentioned. The game is a combination of all three elements MMORPG, SLG and RPG, giving you a new and great experience. This game is also known as Alliances of Champions and Empires.

In the game, you will be entering a medieval world where the gods and warriors are strongest. However, between humans and gods, there is no distance because they face the same danger is the giant monsters Gronos come from Hell. They want to absorb the endless power of the Gaia Stone to be able to dominate the universe. You and the other warriors must unite together, protect the stone together and destroy the evil monsters.

Begin the game

Gardius Empire build

The plot is quite short, not cumbersome because the game focuses primarily on gameplay. At the start of the game, you have to build a strong fortress, not immediately engage in battles like other RPGs. Strongholds and buildings will be where you unlock the characters and upgrade their power. Then, Gardius Empire will take you on a quest and hunt for some monsters to do the quest.

The game is relatively easy to control thanks to the smooth touch mechanism and the virtual keys are scientifically designed to help you control without obscuring the screen.

Character system

Gardius Empire heroes

You can build up a team with a maximum of six characters in a game including warriors or angels to battle the giant monsters. They will be real opponents, causing you a lot of difficulties. Gardius Empire‘s massive character system with up to 350 characters, is divided into four classes, including Fire, Water, Earth, and Wind. You can compare the strengths of the characters through the number of stars shown, which character has more stars, that character will be stronger and may have more special skills. If you own a 5-star character then congratulations, you have the most powerful warrior in the game.

As an MMORPG, Gardius Empire encourages players to upgrade and unlock the character’s equipment to become stronger. Doing the task, going to Dungeon or winning other players is a great way to get more equipment and gold. An important resource in the game is Gaia stone, you can refine and combine the stones to make stronger stones.

Some modes

Gardius Empire gameplay

If you like exploring the plot of the game, join the Battle of the Throne mode to enter the war between kingdoms, gain your throne and mysterious treasures. Your journey consists of many different chapters, each chapter is a war with a very interesting story.

PvP Arena is where you challenge other players around the world. Don’t forget to upgrade the Shield, repair the walls of the kingdom and punish your opponents. In addition, you can join other players to destroy the giant monsters in the Dungeon to search for rare equipment.


Gardius Empire graphics

Every detail of Gardius Empire is medieval style, from character design to landscape and environment. You can’t believe it! Sharp 3D graphics and epic music will make the battle even more epic than ever. In general, you may feel satisfied with the graphics of this game.


The publisher Gamevil has never made players feel disappointed about their product. Beautiful graphics, impressive sound, intriguing gameplay and deep content are all factors that make the game so successful. The game supports both iOS and Android platforms, and you can download Gardius Empire via the links below.

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