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NameGame of Thrones: Conquest
PublisherWarner Bros. International Enterprises
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RequiresAndroid 6.0
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For fans of the movie, Game of Thrones: Conquest is the official game based on the movie, made by Warner Bros.

Introduce about Game of Thrones: Conquest

Have you seen the movie Game of Thrones? A long film that is so attractive and popular that I love. The story is extremely beautiful, the characters are pretty and sexy. There are also dragons, comedies, and hot scenes.

Game of Thrones is an extremely fictional fantasy film that is shown on HBO. The film received many Primetime Emmy Awards, more than any movie in the world, Game of Thrones is also the most popular film 2015 – 2016. Regarding the war for the legendary Westeros of the 7 clans, the film is a chronicle of violent struggles between dynasties and aristocratic families fighting for the throne, while one set another struggle for independence from the Iron Throne and domination. Also in the north pole, the White Walkers – the demon which is very long sleep, now awake, …

Game of Thrones: Conquest™ official released for Android

In the category of strategy and construction, Game of Thrones: Conquest ™ will take you to the world of kingship, which is engulfed in battles between the powers, everyone wants the highest rank belongs to themselves and get the Iron Throne. The mission is set, you will be transformed into a talented general, with the mission of conquering 7 kingdoms, fighting for the Iron Throne and to do that, you need to build your own kingdom, strengthen and train the army to counter attacks from all enemies.

You will start the game with the help of Daenerys Targaryen, she is the only daughter and the youngest son of King Aerys II Targaryen, “Mad King” and his wife, Rhaella. Her father died in the days of Sack of King’s Landing before she was born. In her words, King’s Landing is the land where you can conquer all Westeros, and this is where you cannot fall into the hands of others. It’s one of your last two goals: King’s Landing and Iron Throne.

Far from King’s Landing is where Daenerys Targaryen has given you the option to build your own base, train and command troops. And she sends Tyrion Lannister to help you build your army. Starting with a hungry army, you will have to do everything to feed and train your army, starting with building food fields, exploiting materials for building buildings, to train the troops. There are a lot of things to do in the game, as well as exciting activities: Build up troops, coordinate troops, explore new lands, capture powerful animals and conquer other countries.

In terms of graphics, Game of Thrones: Conquest ™ has relatively simple graphics, with a medieval European style, but still brings its own distinctness from the movie into the game. In particular, you will see many characters in the movie.

Key features of Game of Thrones: Conquest ™

  • Become a king of Westeros and build up your great land and battle for the Iron Throne.
  • Experience along with the main characters in Game of Thrones: Jon Snow, Daenerys Targaryen, Petyr Baelish, Cersei Lannister and more.
  • Conquer over 120 lands of power like Winterfell, Castle Black, Dragonstone, and King’s Landing.
  • Simple graphics, beautiful.

Hint: You can try another GoT game: A Game of Thrones: The Game Board (A paid board game).

Download Game of Thrones: Conquest APK for Android

Game of Thrones: Conquest is very similar to other war games, but the way the publisher develops this game is unique and makes the player extremely happy. The interface looks better, potentially for strategic game genres.

Besides the strengths, sometimes the game still encountered lag status due to optimization is not good. Perhaps Warner Bros will have to optimize its game in the future if you do not want to lose points in the eyes of readers.

The game supports both iOS and Android mobile platforms.

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