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Gacha Glitch APK is a pretty weird game. You can create your own beautiful, lovely anime-style characters. Each cartoon character is a proud work of art that you can share on social networks to highlight your own creativity and aesthetic.

Introduce about Gacha Glitch

Create your own anime characters and play with them in many interesting minigames.

What is Gacha Glitch?

Almost no game allows you to create your own character according to your aesthetic criteria and preferences. Most only for basic editing intervention, at most hair color, eye color, hairstyle or more commonly, costumes, accessories…

What if there was a game that allowed you to create anime characters from start to finish, with creative freedom. You can also control that character to participate in a series of interesting minigames available.

If you are curious and want to know how to create your own character, what are you waiting for to try Gacha Glitch?

Gacha Glitch is a simulation game in a special way developed by Gacha Star on the mobile platform. This game’s most powerful attraction is the ability to create anime-style characters from the smallest details and tools available in the game. You will be able to customize everything, assemble everything, and create your ideal character.

Then, accompanying the character, you can control your character to play a series of fun minigames that are always available in Gacha Glitch. An exhilarating experience as if you were a true game character designer.

Professional character creation studio

Based on Gacha (character collection based on luck and perseverance), Gacha Glitch will give players borderless FREEDOM to create their own anime characters in the game’s Studio Mode.

Gacha Glitch’s character studio is now able to create and customize more than 10 main characters along with 90 minor characters. All have eye-catching appearances, personalities, and many different fighting skills. The characters are sometimes available, but the degree of customization allowed is extremely high. The feeling of the version after editing is different from the original version, making you as excited as creating the character yourself from start to finish.

The options in the studio include not only costumes and accessories, but also every little detail on the face, body, expressions, and interesting poses.

Share your character creation work

Once you’ve finished crafting your character, you can quickly save it as your desktop wallpaper or share it quickly on social networks. Or you can post on the game community, thereby receiving comments, likes, and shares from people with similar interests.

You will also learn a lot of experience and good combinations from others.

Go with the characters to the games

In Gacha Glitch, once you have a character, you can immediately control it to go into the available games. You will have RPGs with multiple game modes and four minigames that will allow you to diversify your experience with your favorite character just created.

More than creating characters, Gacha Glitch is also home to a lot of quality RPGs. These games are just called minigames in terms of scale. But in essence, each of these games is a pretty complete role-playing game. There is a plot, there is a tight script line, attractive characters, and fun gameplay.

The world of Gacha Glitch also gives players many different places to experience the interaction and fun of the characters: school, street, beach, park, zoo…

The characters you customize in Gacha Glitch can all meet, interact, and chat with each other. Although not too many choices were made or interfered with the story structure, this two-way reciprocation gave players a vivid feeling as if they were truly immersed in the character.

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If you are feeling tired and pressured by the chaos of life, you should not ignore this game. The creative motivation and freedom that Gacha Glitch brings will help keep your mind awake, and your mood lighter and more relaxed. Please play and recommend this very ordinary but very strange game to your friends, so that happiness and freedom can spread.

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