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Forces of Freedom MOD APK 5.2.0 (Wallhack)

Forces of Freedom (MOD Wallhack) is a first-person shooter game on mobile. BRAVO COMPANY released Early Access version on Android. Have you ever imagined that a shooting game combined with a tactical MOBA game? Let’s play this game to know the answer.


Summary about Forces of Freedom MOD APK

NameForces of Freedom
Genre, ,
Latest Version5.2.0
MOD FeaturesWallhack
PlatformsAndroid 4.4
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This game has no plot. Just like other shooting games, the content of Forces of Freedom is simply doing what a normal soldier always does. Engaged in fierce battles, fight with your teammates destroy all enemies, win the battle. Of course, the enemy has a similar mission to you. Who is the winner of this war?

A battle between living and death

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Entering Forces of Freedom, the first thing you have to do is training. The system will take you to some simulated matches to get familiar with the in-game actions. Because of the mobile platform, the game’s operations are not as detailed as PC games, but enough to make you feel good. As I see, the control system of this game is relatively simple. In addition to the virtual keys move, shooting familiar as other FPS games, this game also has a key to control the character stand up or lying down. Can say, this game is quite similar to the famous game Rules of Survival, just different in the gameplay.

PvP mode

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The only mode of Forces of Freedom is real-time PvP mode with other online players. You will be confronted with real soldiers from all over the world. There are two types of maps for players to choose: 3vs3 and 5vs5. Each match in this game only lasts a few minutes. The game ends when you destroy all enemies.

In this game, your tactics, reflexes and shooting skills are the decisive factors that lead you to victory. You can hardly predict the outcome of each battle. The reason is that your enemies are also skilled and tactical like you. You can hardly predict the outcome of the game. This game is tense from start to finish, take you in the most fierce battle.

Each match, you can experience a different map. Forces of Freedom owns a lot of maps for you to experience. Desert, ancient arena, jungle, and more. You should be master all the maps as possible. Knowing the details will help you easily capture some important positions, gaining an advantage over enemies. However, the current number of maps of the game is relatively few. We hope that publishers will be adding more maps and new modes.

Weapon & character system

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The game has full of familiar weapons of the shooter game. From AK47 rifles, heavy shotguns to the most powerful sniper rifles. You can become a weapon master in this game. During the battle, each weapon you use re-opens a different tactic. This is extremely interesting. If you like to play stalking, choose a shotgun. If you like face to face the enemy, choose the powerful shotgun.

Also, you have to try hard every day to buy characters and their skin. You can choose the characters are the soldiers with appearance, gender, skin color, … different. They will be your companion during your gameplay.

However, the game still AFK status, hangs when playing. This is an extremely frustrating thing for people who play MOBA games. Each person in the team plays a very important role, so if one AFK, the more likely you are to lose. Therefore, Forces of Freedom has a system of denunciation that helps players to help the game to penalize low awareness players.

3D design

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Designed in 3D, the graphics of Forces of Freedom relatively beautiful, real. Gestures, the actions of the soldiers are very flexible, professional. When you shoot, jerky and explosive sounds will surprise you with the reality of the game. However, with weak or poorly configured machines, there is still some lag. I think the publisher will soon fix these errors in the next version.


Overall, I think this is a nice game. Although there are countless shooting games in recent times, Forces of Freedom is still one of the most prominent games. This partly explains the appeal of this game. Download the game now and fight!

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