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Package Namecom.bedtime.figment
PublisherCriss Cross Games
MOD FeaturesFull Version Unlocked
RequiresAndroid 8.0

Welcome to the world of Figment MOD APK, a strange and magical world. The place filled with the deepest thoughts and memories of every one of us.

Introduce about Figment

Figment is an adventure game released by the publisher Bedtime Digital Games on September 22, 2017. After its release, the game has received countless awards from famous game festival like Best Narrative in BIG Festival Sao Paulo, Best Art in Casual Connect Indie Prize Berlin.

Up to now nearly 4 years since its launch, but Figment still attracts a large number of players on platforms such as Nintendo, Play Station or Steam. This is also completely understandable when the game is appreciated in terms of both visual and content. Along with that is the extremely excellent music that has brought to the experience that few games can bring to the player. If you are love art, you definitely cannot miss this game.

Take part in magical adventures in memory

Coming to Figment, you will join Dusty, along with his friend Piper, participate in extremely magical adventures through different lands. In fact, there is no land where the characters are traveling in Dusty’s subconscious. His mind was inherently quiet and calm for many years. However, negative thoughts have appeared, creeping into the nightmares in the form of a scary monster. The only hope for Dusty is that he must stand up, face his own fears, in order to return to the man of the past.

Figment for Android

If you’ve seen movies like “Alice in Wonderland” or “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” then Figment will give you the same bizarre and magical experiences. This is a playful and imaginative world that you’ll always want to spend time there.

Strange space of different lands

Throughout the game, you must travel through different lands in Dusty’s subconscious world. The world of the game is a worldview in one brain, so your journey is divided into two different lands, representing the right and left hemispheres of the human brain.

Figment MOD by APKMODY

The area on the right is called Freedom Isles. Since it’s the right hemisphere, everything here is about creativity, music, and imagination. A world full of color, shimmer, and color. Scenery and surroundings are related to art such as flowers, art and musical instruments. Completing all the missions, you will continue your journey to new lands.

Clockdown Town, also known as the land representing the left-brain hemisphere, is completely different from the lands of Freedom Isles. The left-brain hemisphere is a place to help people solve problems related to calculation, thinking and logic. So, everything in ClockDown Town is related to things like math, physics, … Objects that appear in everyday life such as pencils, rulers, clocks also appear here with different variations. Quests in Clockdown Town are also different from Freedom Isles when questions will involve many aspects of thinking and thinking. You need to use your analytical and logical abilities to overcome the challenges here.


Music is an important part of this game. Each different land has its own music for players to enjoy. In particular, in Freedom Isles, music will be associated with the scene here when the smallest details such as trees, bridges will be made from musical instruments such as trumpets, pianos, … You just move closer, the music of those instruments will play for you to enjoy.

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Figment is also voiced extremely complete and smooth. Conversations in the game are very natural, rich in emotions, giving players a feeling of lightness and relaxation. The sound design of the game will really immerse you in that magical world.


Graphics are factors that make up the success of Figment. Surreal images in Freedom Isles and Clockdown Town will take you deep in your mind with the strange concepts in life. Everything in the game is like stepping out of a Dali painting and fairy tales. The lines are 100% hand drawn by game designers with soft, gentle lines.

MOD APK version of Figment

MOD feature

Full Version Unlocked: All paid content is unlocked.

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Figment is a really great adventure game. At the end of the journey, you will find the hidden story behind those strange adventures. Along with that are meaningful lessons in life that the game wants to convey to each of us.

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