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Evertech Sandbox APK is a simulation game with the cubicles are designed in Minecraft style, plus a vibrant virtual world color and fun theme.

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About Evertech Sandbox

These things inspire you by allowing you to create from the basics. Currently, the game has support for the Android platform, brings you creative moments from the engine block available.

Game genre

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There are also a number of titles for you to create a phone called Smartphone Tycoon released by Roastery Games. While Evertech Sandbox focuses on developing engines based on the basic blocks available, Smartphone Tycoon allows you to create your own Smartphone. This game is a simulation game that allows you to create mass media like cars or locomotives, trains, robots. Creative from the choices available to make your favorite motives.

Engine design work

Extremely simple, your job is to use the mechanical blocks available in the game and turn these basic blocks into equipment capable of movement. Most players choose to design a car on their own. Evertech Sandbox allows you to run your own engine blocks from the simplest things available. In addition to the work of fabrication, to not boring when playing, you are also painted on their products the different color blocks. The game gives players a new feel, is that you can create the engine block as you like, as a designer!

Evertech Sandbox upgrade

Click on the bag icon at the top of the screen to start exploring the vehicle creation tools. Here you will be able to edit by adding or deleting, even change the color of detail of the engine.

Evertech Sandbox allows you to start the engine blocks that you create. It could be vehicles, tanks, robots and rudimentary trawls. If you feel that everything is stable, you will be allowed to run on a large green field. Once saved, send your workaround as a message, email, and share on social networks. Even the game creates URL paths so that anyone who receives this URL can see the work you create.


Evertech Sandbox graphics

Evertech Sandbox has a beautiful 3D graphics platform. Minecraft players will feel familiar when playing this game. With this design, Evertech Sandbox is a place where you will be created from the basic square blocks and engine details. Extremely rudimentary and simple design tools will give you an entertainment experience rather than a complex design game. The game does not require high configuration, solves the problem of configuring your phone. Along with that, the function keys are smartly designed for easy operation. Also, the soundtrack that inspires the player.

Download Evertech Sandbox APK for Android

In general, many developers are aiming for open gameplay that brings creative, make a difference by allowing the player to customize their design. Now with support for the Android platform, Evertech Sandbox deserves a pocket game for you. Let’s start exploring it through our link.

Evertech Sandbox v0.80.860 APK

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