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NameEternal Return
Package Namecom.siderealark.eternalreturn
PublisherSidereal Ark
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
RequiresAndroid 4.4

Eternal Return MOD APK is a turn-based strategy role-playing action game from the publisher Sidereal Ark. In the game, you play as a hero fighting against the queen of the sun to bring peace to the world.

Introduce about Eternal Return

A mortal combat to save the Earth.

The strange and fascinating story

Eternal Return opens with a rather fancy scene, leading players to a mysterious Japanese anime story. The earth now has the day only, the night and the silence of the sky have been replaced by the blazing sun that burns everything. This strange imbalance and strange phenomenon are caused by the Queen of the Sun and her hordes of yokai. Not satisfied with the inherent position and cycle of day and night of the earth, the sun queen has sought to rule this world by breaking the cycle of day and night and kicking off a new cycle in which there is only sun and heat. You are the only one capable of resisting this tyrannical domination and bringing everything back to its rightful place. And the War began.

The gameplay is not new, but the connection between the player and the character is extremely deep

In essence, Eternal Return is a turn-based RPG strategy game with a lot of novelty. If in classic turn-based strategy games, players often feel some connection with their characters, now in Eternal Return, that sense of connection is so deep and heavy. You can empathize and quickly immerse yourself in the responsibility of the heroic warrior you control and feel all the dangers he faces when going into each scene.

The main reason comes from the quite magical and humane plot itself that we have been following from the beginning, the other reason comes from the way the character fights the monsters: slow, profound, and very flexible. That is, you are free to control your character, use a single skill or combine many existing skills and moves to fight. At the same time, along the way, you will find many kami pets. These are summoned beast species with magical abilities that will help you a lot during the battle. Being able to use abilities in combination with the summoned beast’s power makes the player feel like they are entering the world of the story, living in the game, and acting as a true hero. Since then, the connection has increased tremendously.

Eternal Return is strategic and has a rare flexible “board” system

As with other combat role-playing games, every time you pass a scene, hitting a monster will give you bonus points. Then the strength stat will increase in proportion to the difficulty of the scene just passed and also unlock new skills and weapons. Take advantage of all these “level-ups”. But your biggest loot after each level is the collection of a new kami.

Your battles are never alone thanks to these cute little companions. Aside from upgrading yourself with a host of new skills, you can level up your kami, teach them to give new attacks, and change each kami’s combat stats over time. The good thing about Eternal Return lies in this: you will strategically combine which skills with which weapons for yourself and which kami’s abilities to fight together with each fearsome monster ahead.

Eternal Return’s battle system is clearly a chessboard strategy, the classic gameplay of turn-based battles. When you move through the dungeons, your character’s strength increases and future monsters and bosses also become more powerful.

You must continuously defeat enemies, seek bonus points, and collect treasure chests along the way to collect many important cards. Each card corresponds to a power stat or contributes to some new ability, both for your weapons and spells.

Unique graphics

The operation in the game is simple, it is mainly just attacking, moving, and choosing a combination of cards. But to show the full perspective of the deep story and complex battle strategies of the character, Eternal Return chose for itself colorful 3D graphics. Especially in the parts that lead or bring us back to the main plot to find out an important event. It can be said that modern 3D effects have contributed to increasing the inherent attractiveness of this game effectively. 

During the battle, there is also a combination of a view from above for the player to admire the whole process of the battles. Switching scenes back and forth between fights and choosing a card combination to go forward also can be done quite seamlessly. The power and weapons cards themselves are compact but still fully show detailed parameters and clear images.

MOD APK version of Eternal Return

MOD Features

  • Unlimited Gold
  • Unlimited Crystals
  • Unlimited Gems

How to get unlimited money?

Open a Free Chest to get unlimited money.

Download Eternal Return MOD APK for Android

Overall, Eternal Return is a turn-based strategy RPG game that is worth playing. Especially, when you want to experience a game that has both flavor, color and depth, and even a no-ending future, Eternal Return will be one of the options not to be missed!

Download the game to play right here.

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