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Elemental Dungeon. A right and beautiful name to name this game. For me, it is one of the best classic graphics dungeon games I’ve ever known.

About Elemental Dungeon

Developed since 2016, but it took 2 years later, that is, at the end of 2018, this game was officially available on Android and iOS platforms. This game won the Silver Award at Innovation Competition 2018 and Indie Prize at Casual Connect 2018.

The story

In Elemental Dungeon, you will transform into an Elementalist, who is able to use the power of natural elements (earth, water, fire …). He is on the path to uncovering the mysteries behind the elements as well as their true origins.

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At the beginning of the game, you will meet a mysterious old man who will teach you how to control and use natural elements. For example, using fire to break wooden boxes, using water to create a shield to protect you from the surrounding fire, or use the earth to erect giant walls. But that’s not all you can do with the elements. When going deep into the dungeons, you will encounter many enemies, various traps and the old man will show you how to use the elements to fight.

The elements

There are all six elements in this game: Fire, Water, Earth, Lightning, Ice and Darkness. You can equip three elements at once. Elements can be combined with each other to create more powerful spells. When you combine all 3 elements, you will have the most powerful magic. You can also create elemental shields when you long-press on an element, helping to protect you from the damage of the same element. Elements can be upgraded with an element of the same type, usually at the Temple, to activate special effects.

The gameplay is similar to Soul Knight, but unique

This game is very similar to Soul Knight in many ways. The first is dungeon exploration. You use your skills to pass through various gates. And when you die, everything will reset but the dungeon will be different thanks to the random mechanism.

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Characters don’t use equipment to improve stats. Instead, the shop on the way will help you unlock new elements and new spells. You can combine them to create more advanced skills, effective combat combos.

Next, this game has a simple controller with virtual buttons moving on the left and right are buttons help you using skills. By using a combination of joysticks, you will have to move, attack and defend.

Monetary system

There are 3 currencies used in Elemental Dungeon: Gem, Energy and Coins.

Gems are the “premium currency” used to buy new characters, upgrade elements, buy skins… You can only earn a small number of gems by completing quests. Alternatively, you can buy them for real money or get unlimited using the MOD APK version.

Energy is the only other currency that can be kept in dungeons. A few earn when upgrading an element on the Temple, or when a boss is killed.

Coins can only be used in dungeons. It will be reset when you die or leave. You earn coins by destroying enemies and you can use coins at Temple or shops.

4 character classes

Elemental Dungeon allows you to unlock new characters such as Mage, Hunter, Ronin, Bomber. Characters allow you to use different skills and characteristics of play instead of playing an original character.

  • Mage – The original character is a curious rookie mage who looks very determined for his youth.
  • Ronin, 2nd character in the game. You can unlock it with 600 gems. Ronin is a warrior with mysterious powers.
  • With 12000 power chips, you will unlock this old Hunter.
  • Bomber, who always vandalizes with explosions. You can buy him with 900 gems.
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Graphics and sound

The meaning of the name Elemental Dungeon would not be perfect without the old style pixel graphics and sound. It makes you feel the cold, dark in the deep dungeons, the power of magic and the danger of the things that are hiding inside the door that you are about to enter.

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A true hard-core game

Elemental Dungeon is a tryhard game pretty much with the freemium model. You don’t have to spend money to pay for everything you need in the game, but you have to take the time to take what you want. But I think that will take a long time, because of the more time you play, the more difficult dungeons you’ll discover, the more powerful items and spells.

Download the game Elemental Dungeon APK to your device right now!

What I like most about this game is that it is very easy to play. After playing one time, I became a fan of it. Elemental Dungeon is really a deep, well-invested game and I think you should not ignore it.

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