Dragon Spear characters

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NameDragon Spear
Latest Version1.25
MOD Features: God Mode
PlatformsAndroid 4.0, iOS


Games that have been designed with horizontal screens like Mario, Contra … have no place in today’s 3D technology. There are too many 3D games with excellent graphics quality, which makes it difficult for players to choose a game to play, especially multiplayer online games. A good or bad game depends on a lot of factors: storyline, gameplay, graphics, features … A 3D game is not necessarily good, and a 2D graphics game is not necessarily bad.

In role-playing games, today I will share with you an online game that can be said to be completely different from the rest of the world, it reminds us of a lot of legends game on the console while bringing new experiences and fun. It’s Dragon Spear, the role-playing game from the publisher of Entermate (Korea) does not have the 3D graphics, horizontal screen gameplay, friendly interface and modern.

Transforms into a hero to protect Dragon Spear

Dragon Spear characters

The game is about Dragon Spear, a beautiful and peaceful world, protected by six heroes: Gunner, Assassin, Swordsman, Knight, Sorceress, and Fighter. Together they fight against the evil king, who has the mind to invade this world. The six heroes are also six character classes so you can choose when joining the game. In particular, the game has up to four female characters with extremely hot sexy appearance, out of a total of six characters. Each character has its own strengths and controls. For example, Knight is a character who is more of an HP; Swordsman use a sword with high physical damage; Sorceresses have large physical damage but low blood; Fighter is more comprehensive but difficult to play; Assassins are very difficult to play, but powerful combos…

The advantages and disadvantages of each character are different, but the same thing is that only can carry up to 4 basic skills and a powerful skill, in addition, each character also has a variation speed skill to avoid attacks from the enemy. The skill system of each character in the game is very diverse, you can unlock gradually during the game and choose the skills that suit you best.

skill Dragon Spear

Your mission in Dragon Spear is to start out as an adventurer through more than 13 plot sub-stories to better understand the story in the game. In the first stage, you will be given detailed instructions on how to manipulate, use skills and all the problems that are necessary for you. At this point, you will need to skillfully combine your moves, dodge and use your skill to make it effective in battle. Remember that each stage has a different game, you should read the instructions before joining to select equipment and skills appropriate for each battle.

pk Dragon Spear

In addition to overcoming the stage as the main activity, you can also cross the boss with friends to receive valuable rewards, fighting 1vs1 or 3v3 at any time to match your skills.

Equipment system

Can not help but mention the equipment system when talking about any RPG game. This is the main way to increase the power of your character, just like many other ARPG games. In the Dragon Spear, there are loads of different accessories for you to choose from. These equip provide higher stats for the character, and you can enhance/upgrade them to maximize power.

Not only does it increase the stats, these accessories also help players change their appearance by wearing clothes on the person, helping to express the personality of each person.

Graphic style

Dragon Spear has the style of 2D graphics based on Japanese Anime with bright colors, quite modern and eye-catching. The basic motions of the characters as well as the skills are described vividly.

The controls in the Dragon Spear layout are not much change compared to the same game category. Still the scroll key on the left of the screen and the skill keys on the right. There is only one point that the game will take place on the horizontal screen.

Other features

home Dragon Spear

Dragon Spear has many other extras that allow you to develop your character. These features are both fun and powerful, as well as enhancing the equipment, leveling up characters, fashion system, fighting pets, mosaic skills … In summary, the richness and the appeal of the game are not small at all.

A good game to experience

If you are a fan of online role-playing games, especially RPGs, you should not miss Dragon Spear, a 2D game, but with a very good, no less than any 3D game on the market.

Currently, Dragon Spear has the full version for both Android and iOS, players can download games from the link below.

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