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NameDragon Hunters: Heroes Legend
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RequiresAndroid 4.3
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Dragon Hunters: Heroes Legend APK, released by TTHmobi, is an impressive action and adventure role-playing game. With a story revolving around a large fantasy open world with mighty warriors and his magical army of dragons, this game is sure to bring you unforgettable dynamic and fun experiences.

Introduce about Dragon Hunters: Heroes Legend

Get on the adventure to reveal the prophecy of the Book of Loyat in Dragon Hunters: Heroes Legend!


Dragon Hunters: Heroes Legend is a 3D role-playing game that takes you into the open green legendary world. You are one of the mighty warriors of the mysterious Star Island tribe. This era is a dragon era, where many dragons come out of legends still in their eggs or have grown up somewhere in the vast land. You will capture dragons, train, tame them, and cultivate a deep relationship, making them ideal companions to participate in all fierce battles in the future.

Dragon Hunters: Heroes Legend not only has peaceful and relaxing moments with activities accompanied by lovely and powerful dragons. You also need to stay awake to enter unannounced battles, adventure through the world, and conduct the most aggressive boss hunts to reach the final destination. The adventure you are on, the dragons you are training, will become the first chapter in the apocalyptic prophecy handed down from the past. The war you are pursuing can change the fate of this vast land.


Your main task in the game is to assemble an invincible army, including heroes and god dragons, to make the most of their power, side by side against the forces of darkness (evil dragons and warriors from other tribes are trying to penetrate this land). If you don’t act now, it will be too late, and your Star Island tribe will be in danger of extinction.

Revolving around the theme of adventure in a beautiful fairy world, the general spirit of Dragon Hunters: Heroes Legend is cheerful, bright, and relaxing. Even if you have a boss fight, everything displayed on the vertical screen around is still full of freshness. First impressions Dragon Hunters: Heroes Legend is a true lively entertainment game.

The entertainment of Dragon Hunters: Heroes Legend has depth. You are present in this dragon era as a connecting point of interesting and lovable dragon characters. But don’t forget, everything has two sides. The dragons are good, appear lively, and cute, and when mature possess many magical fighting abilities. But on the opposing side, there are still evil dragons with fierce fangs and faces and dangerous attack abilities. Dragons can also evolve (like Pokemon). Depending on the dragon species and development path, a lovely and fragile dragon at first can also become a fearsome warrior on the battlefield.

As for the character, Dragon Hunters: Heroes Legend has 4 character classes: Priest, Warrior, Ranger, and Assassin. Each class has its own unique skills, abilities, and weapons. But they are all the same: it is possible to hunt dragons, nurture, tame and train them to become powerful dragon armies in the future.

As for specific skills:

  • Priest helps teammates heal quickly on the battlefield
  • Warrior has good melee combat ability, high damage is the tank of the whole group
  • Rangers are good for ranged combat
  • Assassin will close and ambush the target in a split second

Dragon Hunters Heroes Legend also has a special feature: Mentor-Disciple System, also known as the Master Map feature. This means that the player can complete the task assigned by the advisor and receive valuable rewards, which can help in future battles. When you reach a certain level, you can also become a Mentor and assign tasks to disciples. They also get enhanced skills, there are rewards with which you also increase experience points.

Uncompromising battles take place when you need to combine both the warrior’s skills and the combat supportability of the dragons corresponding to that warrior character to perform fierce attacks on the enemy.

Power awakens!

Each of the above small activities in Dragon Hunters: Heroes Legend involves a lot of effort and concentration from the player. But not so that the game creates a stressful effect. In contrast, playing Dragon Hunters: Heroes Legend is fun. Typically we have hundreds of dragon species like Icy Bear, Fire Wyvern, Bluish Parrot…

They are colorful, and extremely cute, especially when they are young. They can be excited, cuddly, or a little silly, they can appear anywhere on an island and disappear in a split second. Just finding, chasing, and finding a baby dragon is too much fun, not to mention the fiery battles later.

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Dragon Hunters: Heroes Legend, is an action-adventure fighting-adventure game with excellent open-world 3D graphics. The vertical screen is a bit annoying to enjoy the surroundings, but it seems ideal for dragon gathering, dragon training, and battle against the evil dragon forces of the story. A game worth playing this summer.

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