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NameDonut County
Package Namecom.annapurnainteractive.DonutCounty
PublisherAnnapurna Interactive
MOD FeaturesUnlocked Full Game
PriceFREE $4.99
RequiresAndroid 6.0

Donut County will turn you into a black hole, capable of swallowing everything. People, TV, motorcycle, car, chair or even a tall building. Everything is swallowed up by you.

Introduce about Donut County

What is Donut County?

Donut County is an indie video game developed by Ben Esposito (American developer) and published by Annapurna Interactive. The game was released in 2018, for iOS, Android, PS4, Windows, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch platforms. The idea of Donut County originated from a jam game based on a Twitter ad by Peter Molydeux, during the time Ben Esposito was free while developing The Unfinished Swan. The game quickly attracted millions of players around the globe thanks to its unique gameplay, interesting storyline and funny characters.

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The story of Donut County

Mira is a normal girl in the town of Donut Country. She works for a donut shop for her raccoon friend, BK. Mira realizes that recently BK has been working hard to earn points on a mobile app. He wants to buy an unmanned helicopter, for the purpose of delivering donuts to the whole town of Donut Country. However, the truth was not as simple as Mira thought.

Donut County MOD APK download 1440x810

In fact, the donuts in the app refer to not real donuts, but rather holes in the ground capable of swallowing everything underground. It swallowed everything in town, including people, buildings, vehicles.

Mira also realizes that BK works for the boss of the raccoon, Trash King. He considers everything on the earth rubbish and wants to clean it up. Mira asks BK to return everything to its original location, but BK refuses because he is too fond of the unmanned helicopter gift. Mira then destroys the helicopter by order a donut on that mobile app and swallowing it. Afterwards, Mira and BK fight the Trash King together, rescuing the people of Donut County.

How to play Donut County?

In Donut County, you’re a black hole that can suck everything down to 999 feet underground. However, unlike, this hole cannot swallow everything in the first place, but it works according to the rule of “small first, big after”. Initially, you need to swallow small things into the hole, the hole will grow larger enough for you to swallow larger things. Sometimes, you have to shake the hole to help objects fall. Imagine, a horizontal refrigerator will get stuck in the crater. But if you deftly swallow it vertically, it will fall off easily.

After passing a number of levels, Donut County gives you some more tools to help you solve some of the problems in difficult levels. Fireworks help you to knock out some heavy objects on the ground, the catapults help you shoot out the closest object you just swallowed, helping you to drop some objects high above where the black hole cannot impact.

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Overall, the Donut County quizzes are not too difficult. Anyone can play, whether you are an adult or a kid. The game uses realistic physics rules, making it easy to control objects at your disposal.

What is Trashpedia?

You can look up information about items you have swallowed underground by visiting Trashpedia. Donut County describes their objects in a very interesting way. Do not miss!

Environment in the game

Donut County takes players to a beautiful town, simulated with bright, shiny 3D images. It has the style of cartoons for kids. Most of the characters are animals, but they are also very soulful with human expressions. Donut County can make you laugh with funny pictures and lines.

MOD APK version of Donut County

MOD feature

Unlocked Full Game: All content of the game has been unlocked. You just need to download and play it for free.


The game may not work on some Android devices, which makes you stuck at the loading screen.

Download Donut County MOD APK free for Android

Donut County isn’t too brain-twisting puzzle game. The game does not cause a feeling of deadlock and a headache for players. The puzzles are somewhat loose, you can play all its content in just a few hours in a row. If you make a mistake, you can replay the puzzle and complete it after just one or two replays. If you are looking for a logic puzzle game, this is not the right game. But if you just want a fun game to entertain your free time, Donut County is the game for you.

Donut County costs $ 4.99, you should consider downloading the APK file of this game for free via the link below.

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